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Fairy Tail Chapter 398 – On The Edge

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Fairy Tail chapter 398 - Kyouka and Erza

Been looking forward to this rematch – FIGHT!

How amusing, I was expecting Natsu to have some hand in defeating the remaining members of Tartarus, but it looks like his role is completely reserved for the final antagonist of this arc. Regarding Face, it looks like Keith’s defeat wasn’t the end of the plan, Sayla utilised her macros to animated Crawford and continue the activation of Face. With the threat of around 3,000 magic pulse bombs being activated simultaneously, it is going to be exciting to see how Erza takes on Kyouka, what Wendy has planned for the other magic guilds and what Makarov is going to do with Lumen Histoire.

Tempesta being dispatched in such an overwhelming manner was interesting, I had expected more fight and intensity, but I guess Gray flexing his Demon Slaying magic isn’t all that bad – him showing up to save Gajeel was quite cool. It will be interesting to see what role Gray has now within this arc, especially after receiving the Demon Slaying magic from his father. The analytical abilities Gray gained with him becoming a Demon Slayer is fascinating, I am curious to learn if those skills only apply on demons or whether Gray could utilise such skills on anyone.

Fairy Tail chapter 398 - Gray vs Tempesta

Demon Slaying magic, how overwhelming…

Crawford being activate was a surprise but at the same time it wasn’t. Keith’s defeat ending the Face plan seemed too easy and I had expected Mard Geer to have some other ace up his sleeve, but for Sayla to utilise her macro to animate the dead, that was interesting and surprising. I had thought she were still knocked out, but I’m glad that she wasn’t, especially with it adding more intensity to this arc and the exhilarating battles between Fairies and Demons.

Kyouka returning was expected, and so to was the inevitable battle she would have with Erza, but the circumstances the battle is taking place around is a welcome surprise. With Face on the pinnacle of nullifying all magic within Fiore, I really do wonder how Erza is going to manage both defeating Kyouka and deactivating Face. I’m sure Kyouka is able to deactivate Face from activating, but seeing as the continuation of the plan is in line with her desires of serving Zeref, it doesn’t seem as if Kyouka will be of much help. Unless of course something happens to make Kyouka want to deactivate Face, which does at the moment seem unlikely, but thinking about the relevance of the scene where Mard Geer tortured Kyouka, I am curious to see if any doubts or skepticism entered her mind relating to what she truly desires.

Fairy Tail chapter 398 - Kyouka and Sayla

What an innovative way to keep the Face plan going

Anyway, based on what Franmelth stated, Kyouka seems to have the ability to absorb another persons power much like Franmelth. With her absorbing Sayla’s macro ability, it should be exciting to see how this battle develops and how Erza, who is vulnerable to Sayla’s macros, can end up overcoming let alone battle Kyouka. Given the wide variety of armor Erza has at her disposal, I suppose one which can limit or nullify the macro’s effect could exist =/. Regardless, Erza battles are always enjoyable and  exciting, and I have been looking forward the rematch between Erza and Kyouka for a while. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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