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One Piece Chapter 758 – Sniper King Usopp

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One Piece chapter 758 - Sniper King Usopp

With reasons behind his actions, the King of Snipers emerges…

Just when you think nothing could top the “God” Usopp moment, Oda-sensei comes and reveals the “Sniper King” Usopp. With a desire to save his captain and the urgency to put a stop to Sugar (again), Usopp lines up his shot from an outrageous distance with the help of Viola’s senrigan and out of no where, the miracle of Kenbunshoku Haki awakens in Usopp allowing him to land a perfect trauma shot on Sugar, knocking her out (again). Everything from the set-up to the execution to the situation was perfect, the representation of Usopp as the Sniper King was amazingly portrayed by Oda-sensei. Viola said it best, absolutely amazing (with a shocked expression and hand over the mouth).

I was wondering why Oda-sensei had Sugar reawaken, but it was all for this perfect moment, the moment Usopp reveals he is just as badass as Zoro and Luffy and any other Straw Hat member. It has been a while since Usopp enchanted us with his sniping skills and what a moment it was for him to captivate our hearts again. You have come such a long way Usopp, I am proud of you! /tear

One Piece chapter 758 - Viola

That was amazing!

Viola was amazing this chapter as well, I love how Oda-sensei is utilising her ability to aid the Straw Hats in a significant way and illustrate how close an ally she has become. Because of Viola’s Senrigan, Usopp was able to line-up his shot and find himself in the situation where he was able to unlock Kenbunshoku Haki. Oda-sensei has seriously done a fantastic job conveying Viola’s ability as being necessary to the Straw Hats this arc, and in my opinion, it is because Viola is present in the arc that the intensity and threat within the plot can be of such a high level. Situations have been created to compliment the functions of Viola and her Giro Giro no Mi.

This is why I was initially fascinated by Viola when she was introduced and still am now, because her Giro Giro no Mi has such intriguing applications. I am hoping for a situation where Viola can travel with the Straw Hats for part of their journey in the New World in order to have more time to have her Giro Giro no Mi and her character in general explored. The admiration and love she has gained for the Straw Hats makes me want to have her become one of the main allies the Straw Hat Pirates end up attaining. Viola may not have initially understood the Straw Hat Pirates, but she certainly has gained an appreciation and affection for them now.

One Piece chapter 758 - Luffy and Law VS Doflamingo and Trebol

The beginning of the end

With Luffy and Law meeting Doflamingo and Trébol, the events about to occur in the next chapter are going to be intense, which is why I am REALLY looking forward to it. Law may not be in top condition at the moment, but he could help give Luffy a chance to save the country by keeping Trébol busy and defeating him. With the climatic fight beginning and Usopp having a brilliant moment to shine like the hero he is, I very much look forward to see what Oda-sensei has planned for Robin and how her fight with Gladius is going to develop and conclude. With the end set-up, it is time to topple the evil!

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