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Bleach Chapter 594 – Dealing With The Un-Dead

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Bleach chapter 594 - Mayuri vs Zombie Toushirou

I wonder what Mayuri has planned =/

I find it extremely amusing that a person already dead has ended up dealing with dead people turned undead. Whatever Mayuri has planned for Toushirou it is going to be sadistically awesome and satisfying, a shame the focus on his experiment had to cut to another scene featuring Byakuya. Hopefully Mayuri’s experiment isn’t pushed too far back while Byakuya and his newly attained powers are being highlighted.

Giselle controlling a number of Gotei 13 Captains is interesting, it makes one wonder what the limitations of her powers are and how many seemingly powerful characters she can end up zombifying under her control. Fortunately though, Mayuri has his own meat-shields and has ended up utilising them quite advantageously. I’m sure once he comes to understand Giselle’s ability through his experiments on Toushirou, any other Shinigami shackled by Giselle’s zombification can end up being saved.

It is a pity Kensei and Rose are being abused so badly to highlight other characters, first with Mask de Masculine and now with Giselle, guess Kubo-sensei doesn’t want to utilise the Visored form/mask they have.

The scene shifting to Byakuya was tragic, just when things got exciting for Mayuri, it was cut short and replaced with something more less exciting. It is impressive that Byakuya managed to incapacitate three of the Sternritter with relatively little effort, but seeing as the readers have already been captivated by Mayuri’s intrigue for his experiments, it would have been more enjoyable if Kubo-sensei continued to focus on Mayuri handling Toushirou and seeing that battle conclude first before moving on to nest battle.

Bleach chapter 594 - Pepe

Oh dear goodness…

The fact that Pepe’s power makes me miss Mask de Masculine has me hoping that this battle between Byakuya and him is wrapped up seriously quickly. With another Sternritter controlling others, it is going to be fascinating to see how Byakuya deals with the situation.

And yeah, I hope we get to see more of Candice – a shame she was one of the characters KO’d by Byakuya. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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