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Naruto Chapter 690 – Kaguya Sealed

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Naruto chapter 690 - Kaguya sealed

Kaguya, along with the Shinju, are sealed inside the Chibaku Tensei seal

Now that Kaguya has been sealed with the Chibaku Tensei jutsu, I am left confused about her purpose in the story and the role she ended up serving. Why did she even need so much chakra in the end? And most importantly, where does the Shinju fit in all of this? Was it the Shinju controlling Kaguya, in order to gather all chakra in one point, or was it actually Kaguya controlling herself (and the Shinju chakra), intending to gather chakra to end humanity? Without knowing the circumstances that forced Kaguya to act in the way she did, I can’t understand the role she was meant to serve in the story =/.

I was half-expecting the Shinju to go beserk and escape from Kaguya’s body, but that didn’t happen. The Shinju began to go berserk and take its original form, but utimately ended up being sealed by the Chibaku Tensei jutsu along with Black Zetsu. Having a complete Shinju take on Naruto would have been an exciting development, especially since the manga has built up the Shinju as final-boss material. In the end, Kaguya’s plans failed and she was sealed. Concerning Kaguya’s plan, did she really intend to kill off humanity so to avoid them birthing more wars and destruction? Was that really the answer the Shinju arrived at in order to protect the world? Another thing I don’t get is why did the Shinju act through Kaguya instead of its own form?

I was really looking forward to learning more about Kaguya and the reasons she had governing her actions – why did she leave her homeland? And why did she end up consuming the Shinju fruit? What exactly were Kaguya’s intentions and what kind of person was she before being corrupted and twisted by the chakra of the Shinju fruit? I still hope Kishimoto-sensei ends up covering Kaguya’s character in more detail, but with Kaguya sealed and the threat to the world seemingly stopped, it would feel unnatural to end up covering a defeated character =/.

Naruto chapter 690 - Naruto disposing of Black Zetsu

With the prison being constructed in a dimension separate from the Naruto-verse, it is going to be a bit more challenging to realise the Shinju from the seal again…

Anyway, it was nice seeing Naruto dispose of Black Zetsu inside the Chibaku Tensei, as well as seeing all the Kages being summoned. With all the strongest characters in history grouped up in one area, I wonder if Kishimoto-sensei intends to pull something unexpected, or is he going to begin wrapping up the story of Naruto? Should be interesting to see content the next chapter has – looking forward to it!

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