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Naruto Chapter 690 – Kaguya Sealed

Naruto chapter 690 - Kaguya sealed

Kaguya, along with the Shinju, are sealed inside the Chibaku Tensei seal

Now that Kaguya has been sealed with the Chibaku Tensei jutsu, I am left confused about her purpose in the story and the role she ended up serving. Why did she even need so much chakra in the end? And most importantly, where does the Shinju fit in all of this? Was it the Shinju controlling Kaguya, in order to gather all chakra in one point, or was it actually Kaguya controlling herself (and the Shinju chakra), intending to gather chakra to end humanity? Without knowing the circumstances that forced Kaguya to act in the way she did, I can’t understand the role she was meant to serve in the story =/.

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