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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 85-89 – Nightmares Unleashed

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 85 - Hell unleashed

The revival of the Demon Clan approaches ever so closer

So Hendricksen had something like that still up his sleeve, what a crafty fellow he is. To awaken the demon blood within the New Generation Holy Knights and force that blood to transform the bodies of the host into creatures one would expect to reside within nightmares. Hendricksen even utilised the obsession Vivian had for Gilthunder to his advantage in order to immobilize Melodias and acquire Elizabeth. It should be interesting to see what happens with Hendricksen at the conclusion of this arc and whether all the work he has put into reviving the Demon Clan amounts to anything at the end because there is that unnerving feeling hanging in the air that the Demon Clan is about to become a serious threat within the story soon.

I admit I was quite saddened by the development of Jericho transforming into a demon, well part of her, as on top of being part of the antagonist group, she does have a more than passing obsession of defeating the Seven Deadly Sins and gaining fame. The inability she perceived her brother saw in her has sure become something traumatic for Jericho, to the point that she is willing to forsake her humanity to regain what she believes is her “worth”. It is tragic now that Jericho in on the precipice of ending her brother’s life, but hopefully with Ban and Co. currently at the scene they should be able to figure something out without killing Jericho or having her kill her brother. I am honestly intrigued to see how Jericho ends up overcoming her insecurity of her ability and moving forward from the lack of worth she has made herself believe she has.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 89 - Jericho's obsession

The negativity within Jericho has twisted the demonic presence inside her into a beast beyond control…

I am glad that Guila hasn’t transformed and that Gowther is holding the demon presence back in her, but with the rest of the New Generation of Holy Knights transformed, it is going to be interesting to see how the effect of the demonic incantation will end up being nullified, if at all. I am also curious to see whether the demon presence inside a person can be held back with a certain state of emotion. If negative emotion fuels the demon blood does is also hold true that positive emotion can weaken it? Seeing as Guila has realised the mistake in the path she has chosen to protect her brother, is that a factor in why she hasn’t transformed into a demon like the others? Will Jericho casting herself aside in order to save her brother be the counter needed to suppress the demonic presence residing within her?

Ban vs Melodias, what an intense battle that erupted at such a despairing time. Ban has every reason to want to abide by the Goddess Clan’s request, especially with Elaine’s life on the line, yet following the request blindly without even confirming if what was told was even true is a bit premature. The decision must be a very tough one for Ban as either choice he makes has serious consequences attached that will wound his heart immensely. To save the woman he loves, he must kill the man he admires.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 88 - Melodias and Ban 2

What will you do Ban? Will you really still believe the voice you heard?

Melodias in response to Ban’s resolve was quite understanding of his reasons and even acknowledged Ban’s actions as something he would do if he were in Ban’s shoes. But the promise Melodias made to Elizabeth, to reunite the Seven Deadly Sins and stop the Holy Knights is what is keeping Melodias from just sitting still and accepting his death. In addition, Melodias’s method in getting Ban to back-off and lend a hand in stopping Hendricksen was quite the shrewd one. Ban’s agreeing to perform his duties does suggest that he too is conflicted in what to do.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 89 - Elizabeth falls

How unexpected, for something so expected to happen in a shounen story…

Dreyfus and Griamor vs Hendricksen, certainly an exciting match-up, especially with Dreyfus attempting to atone for the many sins he has committed throughout his life. What was surprising though given the situation was Dreyfus’s mishap and Elizabeth being on the brink of death. The actual plan Dreyfus and Griamor put in motion was a fantastic plan, too bad the ground beneath Dreyfus crumbled away as he was mid-casting his ultimate attack. Just a small slip ended up changing the trajectory of the shot towards Elizabeth causing her some serious damage. It will be interesting to find out how badly Elizabeth is injured and how serious Dreyfus is affected psychologically by his mistake. Looking forward to the following chapters.

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