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Fairy Tail Chapter 397 – To Live With Meaning

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Fairy Tail chapter 397 - Gajeel's advancing his iron into steel

It is interesting to see how in certain cases curses empower magic

What an unexpected flashback from Gajeel, to think there was something brooding within Gajeel’s heart and at the back of his mind. To acknowledge the void within his heart and to find a way to live his life in a meaningful manner, such thoughts over the years began to become more understandable and meaningful to Gajeel, that after his defeat to Natsu when he was in Phantom, Gajeel made the decision to change the way he lives his life. On top of that, the regret Gajeel feels at being unable to save the mother-figure in his life, one of the magic council members, Master Berno, must have hurt incredibly hard for him, especially when he really wanted to show her how he has changed and repay her for all her kindness and love.

The development in the flashback and MasterBerno’s concern and love forGajeel also seems to be a reason for why when confronted by Ivan of Raven Tail,Gajeel opted to deceive them and help Fairy Tail instead. Rather than being evil when he was introduced,Gajeel was more confused and impulsive, thankfully though, he had the opportunity to change and understand the meaning behind the advice MasterBerno had shared with him.

Fairy Tail chapter 397 - Master Berno's concern for Gajeel

Master Berno was quite the character, /tear

It is strange, but within the few pages Master Berno was featured in, she has been portrayed as an incredibly awesome character and being reminded that she was killed by Tartarus earlier in the arc was a saddening development. The comment by Master Berno likening Gajeel to her dead son helped establish the strong bond the two share and it became understandable why Gajeel was so affected by his inability to save her. That in turn also helped support the reason why Gajeel fought so fiercely in the present against Torafusa to save the members of Fairy Tail caught inside Torafusa’s Tenchi Kaimei. The flashback also helps to add some necessary character development to Gajeel, making his character softer and appear more human.

Fairy Tail chapter 397 - Gajeel's sadness

Poor Gajeel, he never got a chance to thank Master Berno for what she had done for him

Levy realising that she could have just used her magic to give Gajeel air was amusing, looks like she acted on emotion rather than logic when confronted by the unexpected situation of Gajeel drowning. Nice work Mashima-sensei shipping their relationship, not even Gajeel realises that Levy kissed him =P.

With Gajeel advancing his iron into steel thanks to the carbon in the Tenchi Kamei water, I wonder if he will end up keeping this advancement now that the Tenchi Kamei curse has been broken. It would be cool if he does keep it, but I can understand why is he doesn’t end up retaining the steel state he is currently in. Anyway with Torafusa defeated and Natsu and Co. free from the Tenchi Kamei, it will be interesting to see how Natsu ends up dealing with Tempesta, whom even Laxus couldn’t completely defeat. Still, it is going to be exciting to see if Tempesta remembers Laxus from the lightning Natsu utilises with his flames.

As for the other members of Tartarus, will Kyouka actually be featured in another battle or does Mashima-sensei have other plans for her? There is still the threat of Face which seems to have been stopped, but given Mard Geer’s complete confidence in his scheme, I am quite unnerved by what could end up happening. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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