One Piece Chapter 757 – Taking Down The Donquixote Pirates

One Piece chapter 757 - Robin vs Gladius

Robin about to unleash!

What a shame it is that Doflamingo hasn’t gotten the memo of his inevitable end and still tries desperately to be a jerk and ruin the lives of thousands of people as well as the beauty of an entire country. I guess whatever he has coming to him, he so wholly deserves. Hopefully it won’t be long now until Luffy smashes Doflamingo in the face expressing the feeling every citizen of Dressrosa has towards Doflamingo. Bartolomeo and Robin pretty much summed up Luffy’s charm nicely, he is someone you wouldn’t mind betting your life on.

Bartolomeo, what a guy, I doubt Luffy gets how much Bartolomeo is in love with the Straw Hats, but regardless, thanks to Luffy making the decision to create the Straw Hat Pirates, several lives were changed, including people not part of the crew and merely a fan of the journey the Straw Hat Pirates have so far been on. It is going to be quite amusing and cool to see Bartolomeo and his Barto Club become an ally of the Straw Hat Pirates after this arc. Luffy may not have had an active following before this arc, ones that aren’t trying to kill him, but now he certainly does.

As for Robin, how spine-tingly exciting it is to see Robin in combat against a serious opponent after such a long time – that Gigantesco Mano was quite sublime. With Bartolomeo regaining his stamina and Cavendish guarding him while he does so, I look forward to seeing Robin take on Gladius as well as the Head-cracker dolls. We have rarely seen Robin pushed in a battle, especially when she doesn’t feature in many main ones, hopefully though with Gladius there, Oda-sensei gives Robin a chance to showcase the improvements she has made combat-wise over the two years.

One Piece chapter 757 - Sabo vs Isshou

Isshou sword…why does it appear to be the source of his gravitation ability?

Sabo vs Isshou, what an interesting battle, I wonder what Isshou intends to do regarding both Doflamingo, who is trying to destroy Dressrosa, and the Straw Hat Pirates, whom are trying to save Dressrosa. The Marines main objective should be protecting the innocent, but it appears their actual objective is to make sure no pirate or criminal runs free, regardless of whether innocents get hurt in the process or not. Isshou utilizing more of his gravitation ability was fascinating, I really do wonder if the sword is the source of that power =/.

Rebecca vs Diamante, I was quite shocked that Rebecca wasn’t driven by anger or fury at the sight of him, instead fear overcame her. One would expect Rebecca to pay Diamante back for what he has done. Also didn’t Rebecca enter the tournament expecting to face Diamante and defeat him in the end in order to claim the Mera Mera no Mi? I  guess the fact that she has been overcome by such fear and terror signifies that Rebecca was only putting on a front in order to protect Soldier-san, but now that she is aware that Soldier-san is a father, the reason that held her fear back has vanished and the terror she feels towards Diamante has come rushing out. Despite my disappointment in Rebecca not standing up to Diamante, it was a nice-set up to introduce Kyros into the scene and illustrate that Rebecca still needs her father and that her father still wants to be a father to her. The Kyros vs Diamante battle should be quite the exciting one to see unfold and conclude – pay him back Kyros for what he has done!

One Piece chapter 757 - Law freed

Doflamingo must be shaking in his expensive slippers now, well he should be…

Finally Law is free! His Ope Ope no Mi will be incredibly useful against the Donquixote Pirate abilities. Though I do wonder how he intends to fight alongside Luffy against Doflamingo. Doflamingo is a dangerous opponent with a tricky ability, plus Doflamingo has overwhelmed Law once before. With Trébol still in the background, I wonder how the match-ups are exactly going to end up in the following chapters – will Law be the one to take on Trébol? Looking forward to finding that out!

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