Naruto Chapter 689 – Team 7 VS Kaguya

Naruto chapter 689 - immobilizing Kaguya

So much can happen in the span of a second…

That was quite the exhilarating battle which featured all the members of Team 7 (save Sai) in one way or another in trying to successfully immobilize Kaguya to begin sealing her. Despite Kaguya’s best attempts in trying to slither away from the barrage of attacks and counter attacks, everything she defended and attacked with was just unable to stop the strength of Konoha’s team 7. With her on the edge of being sealed, will she be able to get herself out of this situation or is this really the end of Kaguya? And what about the Shinju, when will it finally show up in its true complete form?

Kakashi’s utilisation of Obito’s Kamui and Sharingan was incredible, it truly showcases the strength Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan wielded when both eyes were possessed by the wielder. Being able to incorporate Kamui with Susanno shurikens was a nice combination by Kakashi. And with both eyes in his possession, Kakashi gets the benefit of both the range and defensive capabilities. Add onto that Kakashi’s natural tactician ability and you have yourself one dangerous shinobi.

Naruto chapter 689 - Team 7 vs Kaguya

Overwhelmed and outsmarted, what can Kaguya do now?

The way team 7 constructed their abilities on top of each other with complete reliance was quite the sight to see, if any of them messed up the whole plan to immobilize Kaguya would have been ruined. Even Sakura managed to serve a vital role in keep Kaguya from escaping Naruto and Sasuke and surprise attacking Kaguya from above. Quite the surprise that Kaguya’s head managed to tank Sakura’s punch as Sakura must have one of the most destructive punches in the manga – Tsunade’s offensive strength was even greater than that of the Raikage’s, so Sakura’s should be somewhere near there.

Obito, despite Kaguya and Zetsu insulting him and expressing their anger at his betrayal and lack of use, Obito seriously has become a massive thorn in their side. Even in death Obito is lending a hand in seeing the world saved and protected. I do wonder what Kaguya’s exact role is and what she plans on doing now. Why exactly did she need chakra and an army of white Zetsu? Looking forward to the next chapter.

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