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Bleach Chapter 593 – Mayuri’s Wonderland

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Bleach chapter 593 - Mayuri's happiness

Even when he smiles he creeps you out, what a unique guy Mayuri…

Unless you are Kisuke, don’t ever follow the “rabbit” that is Mayuri down the hole towards the “Wonderland” that is a world of torment and suffering waiting for you thanks to his drugs and unnerving taunts. Toushirou should have just died and saved himself the mental anguish and suffering he is currently subjected to. To be caught inside some ridiculous scrapping of reality, I too am bemused at the exact functionality of Mayuri’s drug which he administered to Toushirou at some point during their battle in a yet-to-be-revealed way. Whatever the case, Mayuri’s smile when caught up in his excitement over torturing others is quite the chilling gesture.

One other thing I am confused about is why can Toushirou talk as if he is himself? I was under the impression that by Giselle zombifying Toushirou before he died, his will and consciousness was removed. Toushirou shouldn’t be conscious within his body at the moment since he is a zombie. One explanation I can come up with is that Giselle is the one controlling Toushirou to speak but if that is the case, it seems completely unnatural =/. Couldn’t Kubo-sensei just cut the scene to Giselle to express her disbelief at what is happening, and regardless, would she even know what is happening to Toushirou given that Giselle isn’t the one who was subject to Mayuri’s drug? Toushirou shouldn’t be able to speak now as if he has a will or consciousness =/.

Bleach chapter 593 - Toushirou's anguish

Even as a zombie, Toushirou gets trolled =D

I suppose the completely extreme case is that Mayuri’s drugs are bringing parts of Toushirou’s consciousness and will back and after some more suffering and anguish, Toushirou will have control over his body again. I would be completely fine with that. The next chapter should be interesting, looking forward to it, especially a more logical explanation in regards to the exact function of Mayuri’s drug.

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