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Fairy Tail Chapter 396 – Gajeel VS Torafusa

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Fairy Tail chapter 396 - Torafusa's black water of darkness

Now we talking! Seeing Fairy Tail mages pushed to the extremes of their abilities is always exciting!

I was curious to see how Torsafusa and Tempesta would mount a counter attack on Natsu and Gajeel when they were so fired up, and it looks like Torafusa still had more to show after all. To be able to summon a massive body of water to cover such a large volume of space, that curse of Torafusa’s is quite something. Gajeel with the limited oxygen he has definitely has his work cut out for him but thanks to Levy, his life was saved allowing him to continue fighting.

A shame Juvia was already unconscious when this body of water was summoned, I’m sure she could have manipulated it in some manner to reduce the negative effect it has on other Fairy Tail members but alas Juvia is out of action and the burden of seeing Torafusa and Tempesta stopped falls to Gajeel and Natsu.

Seeing Natsu unconscious was quite amusing, he is going to be quite furious when he wakes up and finds out Gajeel has already defeated his opponent. Still, I’m surprised Tempesta opted to sit it out and let Torafusa take on Gajeel alone, I guess Torafusa is quite the honorable guy and Tempesta is someone who respects that. Tartarus sure is filled with a bunch of differing characters.

Gajeel getting overwhelmed by Torafusa in the water was expected as not only is Torafusa fighting within an environment suitable to his body and abilities, but Gajeel is unable to utilise his abilities to the fullest with the limited oxygen he has and because of the fact that he is attacking underwater. It was thus inevitable that Gajeel would eventually run out of oxygen, I just didn’t expect Levy to assist Gajeel in the manner that she did.

Fairy Tail chapter 396 - Gajeel x Levy

This was a surprisingly beautiful scene

For Levy to deliver the oxygen within herself into Gajeel with a kiss, I was certainly surprised by that. I had anticipated Levy to utilise her runes to create air for Gajeel, but I suppose this also works and at the same time forces Gajeel to face emotions he normally keeps buried and hidden away from himself, feelings relating to his thoughts on Levy. Torafusa targeting Levy was pretty much “the straw that broke the camel’s back” for Gajeel, he now has some serious reason to end Torafusa before Levy drowns and succumbs to the poison within Torafusa’s dark water.

Seeing what Gajeel comes up with using his Iron and Shadow magic should be exciting, especially with the limited time he has given the limited supply of oxygen he has within his lungs. I wonder if knocking out Torafusa would cause his curse to subside and release the water surrounding the field at the moment =/. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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