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Naruto Chapter 688 – Kakashi Of The Sharingan

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Naruto chapter 688 - Kakashi - colour by AnimeZona (http://animezona.deviantart.com)

The Copy Ninja, Kakashi of the Sharingan – colour by AnimeZona

I did have a feeling that Obito would end up giving Kakashi both his Sharingan, but as of chapter 687 when Obito crumbled into ashes, I discarded such a possibility. Who would have thought that Obito would use chakra and his Kamui ability to force his spirit back towards the physical realm to send whatever chakra his body had remaining into Kakashi to manifest both his Mangekyo Sharingan in Kakashi’s eyes. Obito, even when dead, refuses to stop fighting, one has to admire that about him, he is doing everything he possibly can and more to save the world.

Initially, what Obito achieved this chapter seems ridiculous, but when you look at it side by side with what Outsutsuki Hagoromo did to Naruto and Sasuke, it becomes clear that chakra from spirits can be passed on to other individuals, including the characteristics such chakra embodied – Hagoromo passed on the Yang and Yin chakra to Naruto and Sasuke respectively. With Obito transferring his chakra into Kakashi, including the chakra that made up his Mangekyo Sharingan ability, it isn’t all that unbelievable that Kakashi is now able to utilise Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan.

What I am intrigued about is whether the Susanoo is Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan Susanoo or a Susanoo Kakashi copied. Whatever it is, I am excited to see Kakashi unleash with his new-found resolve and power, including fulfilling what Obito gave his life to help achieve – to protect Naruto and Sasuke and the world.

Naruto chapter 688 - Kakashi and Obito

It is good to see Obito embrace his old self again

Obito’s final message to Kakashi requesting him to become the sixth Hokage was a surprise, but it fit well with the present Obito gave Kakashi. Thinking about it, Kakashi would make an excellent Hokage, especially now after Kakashi has reflected back on his uselessness which he perceived he was in the past. Kakashi has come to accept past events for what they were, thanks to Obito helping remind him that there are still things left worth fighting for, including the future. The Kakashi right now has his eyes open and is definitely ready to protect what is dear to him.

Naruto chapter 688 - Naruto Senpu Chou Bijuu Rasen-Shuriken

There are moments where Naruto can be incredibly awesome, this is one of them

Naruto utilising all nine Bijuu chakra in a separate Rasen-Shuriken each was amazingly awesome. With Kaguya now on the ropes and the Bijuu chakra inside her becoming unstable thanks to Naruto’s attack unsettling the Bijuu inside, I wonder how the flow of the story is going to develop. Will Kaguya lose complete control over the Bijuu inside her or does she have another card up her sleeve which she can play? I am also desperately looking forward to finding out about Kaguya’s past and her reasons for setting up such a grand scheme. Hopefully with the Bijuu inside her separating, she decides to be a more generous with her reasons for acting the way she is. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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