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Bleach Chapter 592 – Zombie Hitsugaya Toushirou

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Bleach chapter 592 - Zombie Hitsugaya Toushirou

Stripped of will and consciousness, Toushirou targets his fellow Shinigami

Interesting, so zombifying a person right before their death heightens the subjects movements and reactions, it also removes all traces of free will and consciousness. Looks Zombie Toushirou is going to be quite the challenge for Mayuri to handle, but given Mayuri’s “colourful” and mad personality, this battle is set-up to be quite an exciting one. Should be interesting to see what “drugs” Mayuri utilises in his battle against Toushirou and whether he can nullify the zombification done to Toushirou.

Ikkaku and Yumichika sure got disposed of quickly, I guess their moment to shine has passed, which is a pity as their zanpakutou’s aren’t totally useless. Maybe they can take down Giselle while Mayuri has Toushirou occupied =/.

Sad that Charlotte was taken down already, I was looking forward to seeing more of his battle against Bambietta and Giselle, whom he has taken an interest in due to their similarities. Apart from these four Arrancar, I wonder if Mayuri  has any other Arrancar hidden away.

Bleach chapter 592 - Mayuri VS Zombie Toushirou

Well someone sure is excited…

Beyond this battle, I still would love to see Harribel, Neliel and Grimmjow return to the story in some fashion, preferably attached to some form of combat where they can show-off their abilities and Resurreccións. Putting this hope aside, I am looking forward to seeing Mayuri unleash his madness on Toushirou and Giselle.

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