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Fairy Tail Chapter 395 – Dragon Slayers VS Demons

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Fairy Tail chapter 395 - Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

What an ominous title for the beginning of the fifth part of the Tartarus arc – Extreme Pain. Will Fairy Tail really be alright against Tartarus and their plan to active several thousand Continental Magic Pulse Bombs (Face) simultaneously? Despite Fairy Tail being a match for Zeref’s demons and overcoming several of them already, what is this odd feeling that Mard Geer won’t completely fail by the end of this arc =/. Whom will end up feeling “extreme pain”? Does it have anything to do with Natsu and his relation to E.N.D? I am incredibly eager to find out how this exhilarating arc will conclude.

With Natsu and Gajeel unleashing to take on Tempesta and Torafusa’s demon awakened selves, one does begin to notice some intriguing aspects to Dragon Slaying magic. More than any other magic, Dragon Slayer magic is severely more sensitive to an individual’s emotion (fury, hatred, love, pure determination, etc). The fact that Torafusa commented on Natsu and Gajeel being demons after they unleashed was an interesting point, which does leave me curious as to the connection between Dragons and Demons, and how their relative magic/curse compares against the other.

I wonder if Tempesta is going to use the same ability he used against Laxus when he ended up getting overwhelmed against Natsu. And speaking of Laxus, is he really out of action for the rest of this arc? I suppose he could make an appearance near the end of the arc when Natsu really requires the help =/. Even though I am enjoying seeing Tempesta and Torafusa overwhelmed by Natsu and Gajeel, I hope they bring more of a fight in the next chapter and possibly some information on who or what E.N.D. really is.

Fairy Tail chapter 395 - Minerva

Quite the sight to behold

Minerva, beyond her trauma and fear of being weak, I always suspected that she had a pure heart and this chapter with Lily’s imagination of Minerva cooking supports that belief. How surprising that Minerva actually enjoys cooking and has a talent for it. I am now more intrigued by how Minerva will change, especially with her accepting who she is and rejecting the notion that strength equals worth. What other interesting sides of Minerva will we see from here on out?

Regarding the activation of Face, I really do doubt that with Keith’s death, the threat of Face has stopped, Mard Geer must still have something up his demonic sleeves. Whatever it is, I look forward to finding out what, can’t wait for the next chapter.

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