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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 80 – Challenge

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 80 - Autumn Election second round match-ups

Autumn Election second round match-ups: Souma vs Subaru, Akira vs Ryou

I am quite excited about the Autumn Election second round match-ups – Akira vs Ryou and Souma vs Subaru. In particular, I am really looking forward to seeing Souma dismantle Subaru with his dish in his match. The theme is a “main dish for a western-style meal” and Souma has agreed to a have a Shokugeki against Subaru with some seriously dire consequences. The fact that Souma, the main character, has bet his future as a chef on the match, it is practically impossible that he is going to lose his match against Subaru, although I suppose regardless of what was bet, it was fated for Subaru to lose to Souma when he challenged him to a Shokugeki.

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Fairy Tail Chapter 395 – Dragon Slayers VS Demons

Fairy Tail chapter 395 - Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

Natsu and Gajeel VS Tempesta and Torafusa

What an ominous title for the beginning of the fifth part of the Tartarus arc – Extreme Pain. Will Fairy Tail really be alright against Tartarus and their plan to active several thousand Continental Magic Pulse Bombs (Face) simultaneously? Despite Fairy Tail being a match for Zeref’s demons and overcoming several of them already, what is this odd feeling that Mard Geer won’t completely fail by the end of this arc =/. Whom will end up feeling “extreme pain”? Does it have anything to do with Natsu and his relation to E.N.D? I am incredibly eager to find out how this exhilarating arc will conclude.

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