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Naruto Chapter 687 – Naruto And Obito

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Naruto chapter 687 - Obito and Naruto

Obito’s parting words to Naruto

Despite the stumbles Obito’s has made in pursuit of finding himself and his ninja way, he managed to persevere through his mistakes and confusion and in the end try to make amends for the suffering and pain he has caused. The anguish Obito must have felt upon the realisation of his hand in bringing about such a calamity as well as countless people’s death, such feelings must have been unbearable to Obito as he finally realised what he wanted was to save the world not end it. Obito knew what he had done was beyond redemption, but regardless, he still tried with everything he had, including his own life, to try to turn the fate of humanity away from complete destruction. In awakening his old dreams and desires, Obito saw what Naruto has been fighting for since Jiraiya put his faith in Naruto.

Black Zetsu, what a sad guy, sure Obito may have not been the perfect example of a human being, but in the end he tried to remedy his mistakes and give his all to make-up for the pain and suffering he has caused. Obito was in a vulnerable position when he began to be manipulated by Madara, White Zetsu, and Black Zetsu. Obito rejected reality and sought to create a paradise within a world of his making, one formed by illusions, but one free of pain and anguish. Obito may have sinned and betrayed, but always in his heart, even when living as “Tobi”, the Obito of the past resided, one dreaming of being Hokage and surrounded by friends and comrades.

It is incredibly ironic how circumstances ended up as. A while back Obito was in the position Kaguya/Black Zetsu is in now and Konan was in Obito’s position. Konan aware of Naruto’s importance to the world and its future, gave her life to try to protect that belief, now we have Obito, who once rejected such a notion, completely embracing it and giving his own life to see the world and its future protected through protecting Naruto. It is sorrowfully tragic that Konan had to die, but the fact that Obito now sees what she saw, it means that there was meaning in Konan giving her life. I still wonder though if Naruto is aware of the sacrifice Konan made for him, hopefully.

Naruto chapter 687 - Obito and Rin

Finally, they are reunited…

I am glad Obito was able to find peace in the end and reunite with Rin, who has always been watching him. Obito may have done some terrible things, but there is some level of pity one has for him when seeing how abused he had been by Madara and Black Zetsu.

With Obito’s death resolving Naruto more, Kaguya and Black Zetsu whom have been unable to read Naruto so far, have just found themselves with a serious problem. The unpredictability of Naruto only adds to the danger Naruto poses to them, especially now with Naruto being able to land severing blows of Kaguya. I am curious to see if there is any change in Kaguya now with Black Zetsu severed from her with the loss of her left arm. I still believe Kaguya is fighting for something she believes is right, but with her past and reasons remaining a mystery, it is hard to say with certainty if that is the case. Hopefully we find out more about Kaguya in the coming chapters, looking forward to the next chapter.

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