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Bleach Chapter 591 – Arrancar VS Zombies

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Bleach chapter 591 - colour spread - Arrancar

Arrancar (left to right): Cirucci, Dordoni, Charlotte and Luppi

What a pleasant turn of events to see Arrancar in the spotlight for a change, especially being featured in battles. It has been a while since we seen an Arrancar unleash, and frankly, I have been waiting for this, hopefully now, we get some other Arrancar members featured in battles this arc. Mayuri is such a sinisterly glorious fellow, to be able to revive Arrancar and even find a way to subjugate them to do his bidding or at least manipulate them to want to do his bidding =P. A shrewd and dangerous existence Mayuri is indeed. I look forward to seeing how Mayuri is going to deal with Giselle and her “zombies”.

Poor Arrancar being subject to such cruelty even after death, I guess Mayuri is a hardcore sadist, but thanks to that questionable aspect of Mayuri, he is an exciting Captain to see unleash. With Toushirou showing up under Giselle’s control, I do wonder how Mayuri intends to  handle the situation now. Since by default Shinigami are dead, being just souls, it was a simply matter of Giselle to zombify Toushirou, but nullifying the control Giselle has over Toushirou is going to be a challenge, if there is a way to return Toushirou back to normal in the first place.

Bleach chapter 591 - Zombified Toushirou

Going to be interesting to see whether Mayuri is able to break Toushirou free from Giselle’s zombification curse

It is a shame that so many Shinigami have to fall, but Mayuri is right in stating that the purpose of the Gotei 13 is more than just protecting the Shinigami, especially now with Yhwach posing a serious threat to the Soul King. It was a surprising scene to see Mayuri lament over Yamamoto and remind Yumichika and Ikkaku of Yamamoto’s words – honor the Shinigami under Giselle’s control by having them fall in the Gotei.

Ah I really do want to see Neliel, Harribel and Grimmjow in action this arc, they were incredibly badass in the battles they featured in and would make for some exciting content this arc if featured again. I especially want to see Harribel in action, given that she is the only confirmed Vasto Lorde-class Menos in Bleach and in my opinion wasn’t really able to fully unleash in the Winter War before Aizen back-stabbed her. Toushirou did state once that the combat capabilities of a Vasto Lorde are above those of the captains of the Gotei 13 and honestly I seriously hope Kubo-sensei sees that conveyed.

With Giselle now posing more of a threat that I has expected, I look forward to seeing what Mayuri’s response will be to Toushirou’s appearance as a zombie. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Bleach chapter 591 - colour spread - Thirteen Warriors

A shame no Kisuke and Yoruichi, but amazing colour spread nonetheless

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