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One Piece Chapter 755 – Unleash The Manliness

One Piece chapter 755 - Hardboiled Franky and Senor Pink

In another time these two could have been friends

My goodness, I can’t even think clearly because the overwhelming dose of manliness from Franky and Senor Pink has sent my senses into a climax of both awe and horror. Did what just happen actually happen? It’s chilling trying to rationalise what just took place but the amusing nature of the events beckons one to continue wondering. Ultimately though, through countless events of zaniness, a battle between “man” has erupted.

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Naruto Chapter 687 – Naruto And Obito

Naruto chapter 687 - Obito and Naruto

Obito’s parting words to Naruto

Despite the stumbles Obito’s has made in pursuit of finding himself and his ninja way, he managed to persevere through his mistakes and confusion and in the end try to make amends for the suffering and pain he has caused. The anguish Obito must have felt upon the realisation of his hand in bringing about such a calamity as well as countless people’s death, such feelings must have been unbearable to Obito as he finally realised what he wanted was to save the world not end it. Obito knew what he had done was beyond redemption, but regardless, he still tried with everything he had, including his own life, to try to turn the fate of humanity away from complete destruction. In awakening his old dreams and desires, Obito saw what Naruto has been fighting for since Jiraiya put his faith in Naruto.

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Bleach Chapter 591 – Arrancar VS Zombies

Bleach chapter 591 - colour spread - Arrancar

Arrancar (left to right): Cirucci, Dordoni, Charlotte and Luppi

What a pleasant turn of events to see Arrancar in the spotlight for a change, especially being featured in battles. It has been a while since we seen an Arrancar unleash, and frankly, I have been waiting for this, hopefully now, we get some other Arrancar members featured in battles this arc. Mayuri is such a sinisterly glorious fellow, to be able to revive Arrancar and even find a way to subjugate them to do his bidding or at least manipulate them to want to do his bidding =P. A shrewd and dangerous existence Mayuri is indeed. I look forward to seeing how Mayuri is going to deal with Giselle and her “zombies”.

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