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Fairy Tail Chapter 393-394 – The Bond Between Father And Son

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Fairy Tail chapter 393 - Gray and Silver

The feelings that can’t be held back…

In hindsight, the truth concerning Silver’s circumstances seems so obvious but prior to learning about that, the little lies Mashima-sensei utilised to misdirect attention away from Silver’s situation ended up being quite effective. Silver as well, he put on a good act for the most part, and all so he could teach Gray an important lesson in realising what truly matters. Without that Gray would have still been haunted by his nightmares of Deliora. Silver may have been dead for 17 years and forced Gray into a situation he never wanted to be in, but for all intents and purposes, in the end Silver was great father to Gray, expressing the affection and love both Mika and he have for Gray through that momentary embrace which will be a lasting memory for Gray.

Fairy Tail chapter 394 - Juvia's tears - colour by i-azu (http://i-azu.deviantart.com)

To save her love she has no choice but to hurt him – colour by i-azu

Juvia, despite her love for Gray generally being one-sided, she still truly cares for him and through the events of these latest chapters, I sincerely do hope that Gray does begin to notice her more and give her a bit more attention. Juvia may be weird and possibly annoying to Gray, but she is nevertheless someone truly deserving of having her loved returned in kind. Juvia embodies a Fairy Tail wizard perfectly, understanding the true strength of magic and being able to represent that completely through her actions. Magic may have had its origins in darkness, but regardless of where is began, magic is fueled by emotion, and the feelings overflowing within a person’s heart. Juvia expressed exactly that in her victory over Keith and in addition, she was able to put Silver’s soul to rest, allowing him to finally see Mika once again in the afterlife.

Fairy Tail chapter 394 - Juvia vs Keith

How agonizing it must have been to carry that out knowing you were about to cause the person you love so much pain

I wouldn’t have minded Silver staying around a bit longer in order to be with Gray a little while longer, but the way in which Silver departed the physical plane, imparting both his love and mission (destroying E.N.D.) to Gray, it was a touching and emotional scene seeing both father and son express their feelings. I was hoping that Gray would pick up some Devil Slaying techniques from Silver, I just didn’t expect that the Silver’s Devil Slaying power would all pass on to Gray. It is a cool development, and a much-needed power-up for Gray, but with that power, it becomes interesting to see how Fairy Tail’s confrontation with E.N.D. is going to be handled and how exactly Natsu fits in all of this. It has been a point of interest for a while now, but how exactly is Natsu and E.N.D. related and are they both linked in a more personal way than we are current aware of?

Fairy Tail chapter 394 - Devil Slayer Gray

Inheriting his father’s power, Gray now target’s E.N.D.

Concerning the destruction of Keith, did Crawford really return to being a corpse and is the Face plan really stopped? It seems awfully too easy for a plan Mard Geer had so much faith in to be over so soon, certainly there much be something else in play to keep the Face plan from continuing. Unless of course, Crawford did manage to link most or some of the Face Continental Bombs together and Tartarus is still able to detonate a fair number of them in order to weaken the mages in Fiore. I am interested in seeing what Kyouka will end up doing and what roles Erza and Minerva are going to have now. Whatever happens, this arc has been fantastic and I am looking forward to the next part of the arc.


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