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One Piece Chapter 754 – Zoro VS Pica

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One Piece chapter 754 - Zoro's 1080 Pound Cannon

Well dam, that was awesome. Robin’s “you’ve gotten more powerful” reaction was great

Now we know what happens when Zoro unsheathes his swords, things get annihilated. Thanks for coming Pica, but you never stood a chance, best find some place to hide now that you are caught between a rock and a hard place. Man that smile of Zoro’s is so satisfying to see after he unleashes. It is about time he made the Donquixote Pirates aware of how demonic and terrifying he can be. Hopefully Robin and Franky get moments to shine as well this arc.

Given the situation within Dressrosa, Franky can obviously be highlighted through his battle with Senor Pink and the destruction of the SMILE production factory, Robin on the other hand can have a more direct role in Doflamingo’s downfall by turning the very nation and plans Doflamingo used to manipulated everyone against him – possibly creating a situation in which the Marines are forced to abandon their support and allegiance with the Donquixote Pirates. Hell Robin could even make some in roads into finding about the “history” the Tenryuubito are trying so desperately to cover up.

Whatever the case, with the Strawhat Pirates and allies closing in on Doflamingo, it is only a matter of time before his face hugs Luffy’s fist and he realises just how badly he screwed up making the Strawhat Pirates his enemy. Regarding the Donquixote Pirates, I am curious to learn how Doflamingo met all of them and why they have such unshakable loyalty to him – what exactly did Doflamingo do to secure such an immense level of trust and faith? Did Doflamingo save their lives or give them a reason to live or something?

One Piece chapter 754 - Kanjuro

The love child of Buggy and Lola?

Kanjuro, that was odd, he looks completely different from what I expected. Honestly, I couldn’t help but think of Buggy when I seen Kanjuro, he looks so much like a [samurai] clown with that face. Also now that I look closer at him, Kanjuro looks like what a child between Buggy and Lola would look like…

Within just a few pages, we got a REAL good taste of Kanjuro and what he is all about as well as his Devil Fruit ability which is quite cool. The application potential his Devil Fruit ability can have does make wondering exciting, but I am curious to see how far Oda-sensei is willing to stretch Kanjuro’s ability. To be able to manifest substance from the form of ink and only be limited by your imagination, the ability Kanjuro wields has the potential of being an incredibly powerful one. With his bad drawing skills coming to light right from the start and his odd personality, we can also note that Kanjuro is an incredibly different character. It will be interesting to see how Oda-sensei intends to cover him in this arc and the next.

One Piece chapter 754 - Skeleton Puppets

Poor Cavendish having to deal with Luffy and other unreasonable individuals

Now that Luffy made it the third level, I wonder what else Doflamingo has in store to delay and/or stop him. Those giant skeleton puppets seem interesting, but why the round-about method in dealing with Luffy and the people out for Doflamingo’s head? Can’t Doflamingo just go out himself and take care of his own business than to rely so much on ineffective alternatives? Doflamingo has already underestimated the Strawhat Pirates several times this arc and with his lack of involvement in stopping them, he just letting them surprise him even more. Whatever happens at the end of this arc, as long as Doflamingo gets a significant beating that he is unable to smirk or laugh, I will be satisfied.

In regards to Cavendish, I am enjoying the coverage he is getting. Unlike the majority of victims caught in Doflamingo’s “Bird Cage” game, Cavendish realises the only outcome of it if Doflamingo is not stopped. Doflamingo is just playing everyone and thankfully Cavendish and the rest of the Colosseum fighters realises it. Hopefully the rest of the Dressrosa citizens are able to see that as well soon, because Doflamingo has no intention of letting them go, especially if it risk his secrets from being exposed.

And once again, ZORO.IS.AWESOME. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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