Naruto Chapter 686 – Obito’s Scarifice

Naruto chapter 686 - Obito and Kakashi - colour by StingCunha (

Ready to protect the future – colour by StingCunha

It is said that ‘circumstances don’t make a man, they reveal one’ and that is exactly what happened to Obito in the current chapter. Obito may have walked away from his principles and dreams when he encountered Madara and after he lost so much, but through all that and the circumstances he has faced, he has now awakened to who he really is. From a lost soul hoping for destruction and delusion, to one now aware of the voice in his heart and soul, Obito has manifested the resolve to walk in front of everyone on this path filled with darkness and pain in order to lead them all into a reality less destructive than the one he suffered in.

It was only matter of time, with Obito already resolving to put his life on the line to protect the future and with his body already pushed passed its limits, that a situation demanding his life would come. On top of protecting Naruto and Sasuke from fatal blows, he managed to also save Kakashi who was ready to give his life to protect his students. The Will of Fire may have dissipated from Obito during his state of vengeance, but with his eyes now wide open, it burns intensely and furiously, conveying just how strong the spirit of the man who once wished to become Hokage is.

With Kakashi now being saved twice by Obito, how will he go about returning the favour to his best friend? Will Kakashi end up transplanting both of Obito’s Sharingan’s into his eyes? Doubtful, but it would be cool to see Kakashi with both of Obito’s eyes.

Naruto chapter 686 - Kaguya

Kaguya ready to unleash on Naruto

Whatever the case, Kaguya has currently put Naruto and Sasuke into a vulnerable position and has almost killed them both. With the opportunity Obito has created for them, how will Naruto and Sasuke respond to the ‘godlike’ abilities of Kaguya, who has now resolved to not hold back and unleash her all in order to stop the two of them. And when will we get some history revealed about Kaguya? I would also love to get a deeper look into her character, personality and the reasons she has/had for initiating the Infinite Tsukiyomi plan. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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