Bleach Chapter 590 – The Incandescent Mayuri

Bleach chapter 590 - Arrancar

Colour me shocked, what an unexpected twist

What a satisfyingly glorious chapter. Mayuri just knows how to bring the classy to weird and dam does he get down to business fast. That swagger he brings with his superiority complex can be ridiculously enjoyable to witness at times. His personality just like his outfit outshines all others.  As for Giselle and Bambietta, I find myself quite disturbed by the implied context of their exchange concerning Bambietta’s “needs”. Thankfully though Mayuri was there to sanitize the situation with his scientific grandeur and sheer madness.

I was wondering how anyone would end up countering Bambietta when she was able to explode anything and with her now being a zombie, but it turns out that Mayuri came well prepared and those ‘pokeballs’ of his sure did turn the situation on Giselle – with Bambietta’s “bombs” malfunctioning, their offense capabilities have significantly lessened. And even more spectacularly, Mayuri was even able to use Bambietta’s “bombs” against herself.

Bleach chapter 590 - Mayuri's device

I swear that device looks like a pokeball. Makes you wonder if Mayuri has some Pokemon running his lab =/

I didn’t expect Mayuri to be so against hurting other Shinigami, especially when they have lost control over themselves to the enemy, but regardless, Mayuri played the benevolent and compassionate Captain and chose an alternate method to deal with the enslaved Shinigami, one which was pleasantly surprising. To see some of the defeated Arrancar reappear was great, hell to see any Arrancar appear after so long is something to be excited about. Interesting that Mayuri was able to “stitch” them back together, but I wonder if their personality, mind and soul remains intact with whatever Mayuri has done to them.

Ah seeing Arrancar has me wishing for Harribel, Neliel and Grimmjow to appear =(. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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