One Piece Chapter 753 – The Strawhat Alliance Unites

One Piece chapter 753 - The Strawhat Alliance unites

The anger towards the Donquixote Pirates has driven the Colosseum fighters to unite against Doflamingo

Looks like the antagonistic nature of the Donquixote Pirates are effectively going to be what causes Doflamingo and his organisation to fall. Just because they have made so people suffer in such tragic and inhuman ways is reason enough for group of rag-tag pirates, criminals and fighters to band together and pursue a single purpose – to make sure that Doflamingo does not win.

It is honestly shocking that Doflamingo can be so dense to the fact that enough hatred directed towards a person can become problematic and an issue for the person having the anger directed at them. Did Doflamingo seriously think after everything he has done coupled with the fact that he is holding the whole nations populace hostage that no one would actually hold enough hatred and anger towards him that they want to take his head?
Or does Doflamingo not see how much of a bastard he really is? I guess no man can really see the evil within themselves.

More than anything, Doflamingo creating so many enemies is going to be the reason he is going to lose this arc. Despite his planning and the power he possesses, the lack of competence he has concerning his own actions relative to other people will be what sinks him. Doflamingo can be said to be both arrogant and ignorant, he is a fantastic villain but there is much to be desired from him in terms of him thinking too much of himself. Well whatever the case, Luffy is on his way to punch his face in.

I was expecting more on Law’s flashback, which didn’t happen unfortunately, I guess we will have to wait a bit longer to learn about the past of Law and what happened between Doflamingo, Corazon and him.

One Piece chapter 753 - Bellamy and Doflamingo

What a sad guy Doflamingo using Bellamy like that

The more we learn about Doflamingo, the more I wonder if he really intends on becoming the Pirate King =/. From what Doflamingo told Bellamy, it doesn’t seem at all that Doflamingo had much intention on becoming the next Pirate King given that he call Bellamy out as being different from himself based on the goals they shared. Bellamy limited himself to becoming a “pirate” whereas Doflamingo himself was content with just “destroying the world”. This makes me wonder why Monet expressed with so much emotion and heart her belief that Doflamingo will be the next Pirate King. Monet really did care about the title of Pirate King shown by her smile when she expressed that thought, and she really did believe that Doflamingo would become the next one. Was Monet fooled or played by Doflamingo? What side of Doflamingo has Monet seen which the reader’s have not currently? Did Monet want to follow a Captain she believed would be the next Pirate King?

Great to see the dwarves inside the SMILE Production factory come to terms with the truth and rebel against their captives. Hopefully with this, the SMILE factory can be destroyed once they get Franky inside.

One Piece chapter 753 - The dwarves rebel

Finally they rebel against their captives!

With the Strawhat Alliance engaging the Donquixote Pirate Officer’s, Kyros on his way to get revenge on Diamante, and Luffy, Cavendish and Law on their way to the Flower Fields, things are about to get exciting. I wonder if Rebecca will also end up fighting Diamanate and I really do hope Robin will get a fight this arc. Looking forward to the next chapter!

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