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Naruto Chapter 685 – Locating Uchiha Sasuke

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Naruto chapter 685 - Time is short - colour by X7Rust (http://x7rust.deviantart.com)

Time is short – colour by X7Rust

Even if Sakura isn’t directly engaging an enemy, it is great that Kishimoto-sensei is trying to focus on her by utilising her medical abilities and combining them with Obito’s ability to open dimensions. It still would have been better if Sakura did actively engage an opponent in battle, but regardless, Sakura giving her all to locate Sasuke in order to help Naruto was nice to see. Also fantastic work by Obito in straining his eyes trying to open the dimensions of Kaguya in order to locate Sasuke. Hopefully he does have enough vitality to return Sasuke back to the dimension Naruto is engaging Kaguya in.

Pretty lax of Black Zetsu to assume the two chakra signals that disappeared as he spotted Naruto were two of Naruto clones, he could have at least requested Kaguya to double-check the Naruto they engaged was the real one with her Byakugan and/or Sharinnegan. Well what is done is done and Black Zetsu failing to see Naruto’s clone as being a clone may just end up costing them. As for the what it will cost them, I am still wondering what exactly Kaguya is intending to do, what exactly is their plan and whom are they planning to fight? It is seriously mysterious and curious.

Naruto chapter 685 - Sakura and Obito

They both realise what it will take in order to stop the destruction of the world

Kaguya must possess an incredible amount of chakra in order to transverse through the dimensions she has connected with such ease when it is taking Obito so much effort just trying to open a doorway for a short moment, and this is him utilising the chakra Sakura is channeling through him with her Byakugou no Jutsu. This makes me wonder even more intensely why with so much chakra, Kaguya is still worried about something that she needs an army of White Zetsu and has a plan set-up which has been ongoing for so many years. Just what does Kaguya require chakra for?

Naruto chapter 685 - Sakura ready to put her life on the line

Sakura ready to put her life on the line

Fantastic how Sakura was able to avoid the wave of acid from hitting Obito and still continue immediately afterwards in channeling chakra into Obito. Great to know that Sakura has been affected by Naruto as well and she is pushing herself to keep up with both Sasuke and him. She realises that she IS a vital part of Team 7. And thanks to her believing and desiring to change, Sasuke was able to find his way back to them. Looking forward to the next chapter and seeing Obito return Sasuke and Sakura to the dimension Naruto is fighting in.

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