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Bleach Chapter 589 – A Vacation To The Soul King’s Palace

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Bleach chapter 589 - Yoruichi and Kisuke

It took me a moment to spot the bottles…

Is there anything Kisuke can’t do? Regardless of what ends up being asked of him, he ends up delivering and even has a good time in the process – the situation he created thanks to taking advantage of Inoue’s feelings for Ichigo, how amusing it was. Great chapter, I was hoping the focus would shift back to Ichigo, Sado, Inoue and Kisuke, and it did, but Kubo-sensei took it even further and had Yoruichi return into the story – yay! I also am liking how great a team Kisuke and Mayuri are making, able to rely on each other to counter whatever the Quincy come up with.

I love how Sado confronted Ichigo about the outfit Inoue had on, it was a moment for Ichigo to solidify their relationship, but he blew it, typical Ichigo failed to express his true feelings. I’m sure Ichigo didn’t mind at all the revealing nature of Inoue’s outfit, Kisuke realised it =P. Well whatever the case, it was amazing that Yoruichi showed up!

Bleach chapter 589 - Yoruichi returns!

Yoruichi returns! Yeah! Also got to love the smack she gave Ichigo, he deserved that badly =P

I was wondering what Yoruichi was up to and it turns out that she was investigating the distortion that the Quincy’s caused to connect two worlds together. Yoruichi also ended up collecting the energy released from the creation and nullification of the distortion with the help of Hiyori in order to prepare for the current situation that has arisen – Yhwach breaching the Soul King’s Palace. Hopefully we get to see more of Kisuke and Yoruichi in the coming chapters.

Giselle, so he did end up dealing the killing blow to Bambietta in order to turn her into a zombie, how twisted of him…and even more so that he got turned on by Bambietta’s reaction when she was being killed. It was amusingly fitting that someone of equal twistedness ended up taking interest in Giselle, that being none other than Kurotsuchi Mayuri. This fight just got more interesting, I wonder how Mayuri will end up dealing with Giselle’s zombie power – by using his own “zombies”? Looking forward to the next chapter.

Bleach chapter 589 - Mayuri

This fight is going to be unnervingly interesting



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