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One Piece Chapter 753 – The Strawhat Alliance Unites

Looks like the antagonistic nature of the Donquixote Pirates are effectively going to be what causes Doflamingo and his organisation to fall. Just because they have made so people suffer in such tragic and inhuman ways is reason enough for … Continue reading

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Naruto Chapter 685 – Locating Uchiha Sasuke

Even if Sakura isn’t directly engaging an enemy, it is great that Kishimoto-sensei is trying to focus on her by utilising her medical abilities and combining them with Obito’s ability to open dimensions. It still would have been better if … Continue reading

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Bleach Chapter 589 – A Vacation To The Soul King’s Palace

Is there anything Kisuke can’t do? Regardless of what ends up being asked of him, he ends up delivering and even has a good time in the process – the situation he created thanks to taking advantage of Inoue’s feelings … Continue reading

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