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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 77 – The King Of Stalkers

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Shokugeki no Soma chapter 77 - The King of Stalkers

Subaru in a nutshell, a demon hugging a doll that is his opponent…

So Subaru really is making the same dish as Takumi, with the addition of some improvements that he believes reduces his chances of losing to almost zero. But wow, what a crazy guy, to investigate someone so thoroughly like that, he has talent but that is just disturbing. Subaru may not have a “specialty” in cooking but what he is talent in is recreating a dish others make/made. He would make a great shadow cook, but all Subaru is doing is just making sure his dish is better than his opponents, he is not really creating anything “special”, noteworthy or memorable. What Takumi do now that he is cornered?

I find it amusing that someone as rough and unrefined looking as Subaru is capable to utilising such delicate touches and hands when it comes to the precise work of mixing ingredients or sewing embroidery. Subaru’s appearance and character definitely conflict with each other at times, but I suppose given his diabolical tactics he utilises in achieving victories in his Shokugeki’s, it makes sense why he looks so villainous.

Still Subaru is quite talented in gathering information on his opponents and arranging it in a way to predict the style of cooking they will utilise in the challenge. He has also displaying himself as being smart in how he advances the dishes he copies to a new level that ultimately has attained victory for him in his past 99 challenges.

Subaru does seem to have his Semi-Freddo already sorted, but I wonder what Takumi is going to do now. He feels cornered having his cooking, ingredients and recipe so exposed, but given that Takumi does have experience cooking in a professional environment, I wonder if he can channel the skills and versatility he learned through cooking in such an environment into his cooking and create a dish that can challenge Subaru’s one. Still psychologically Takumi is at a disadvantage, Subaru has managed to get under his skin and into his mind.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 77 - The resovle of Takumi

Can Takumi turn this hopeless situation he is in around?

It definitely wouldn’t mind a Souma vs Subaru match, I would love to see how Subaru handles a cook who is incredibly resourceful, unique and for lack of a better word, random. The ingredients Souma chooses for his dish can be quite extreme, especially in dishes he “experiments” with, so I can clearly see Subaru having serious issues in trying to quantify and understand Souma and his style of cooking. Either way, I’m look forward to seeing what Takumi can dish out =D.

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