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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 84 – The Messenger Of Hell

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Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 84 - Hendricksen's Demon form

I wonder what Hendricksen plans to do now

Of course, he couldn’t have died so easily, Hendricksen definitely had something else up his sleeve that no one else knew about, except for him. But to think that he had demon powers like Melodias, what a surprise, unless he only recently acquired it while his body laid dying. Whatever the case, Hendricksen is back and he is about to usher in some massive changes into the story, possible changes involving Hell and Demons.

The current appearance of Hendricksen makes me wonder why it changed so much and where the demon side of himself came from =/. Was it always present within him just that Hendricksen never knew? The second existence within Dreyfus which knocked Gowther out while he was in his memories also makes me wonder if a “demon” or some form of “darkness” is within Dreyfus. What exactly happened to the two of them and why did Hendricksen begin to change after he orchestrated the death of Zaratras? I suppose having dabbled in the darkness of Demons and possibly consuming their blood, their influence could have affected Hendricksen’s desires and ended up transforming him in both appearance and personality. With Hendricksen back, the threat of the Demons breaching the world is still a big possibility.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 84 - Merlin's Absolute Cancel

She sure trolled Vivian’s “Perfect Cube”…

Merlin, what a badass, I love how she built-up the “Perfect Cube” magic Vivian cast on the King’s chambers as being some demonic magic that had no counter only to effortlessly erase it with her Absolute Cancel magic. Definitely the greatest magician in Britannia. I look forward to seeing what else she is capable of and how much crazy she can add to the band of Sins with her return.

The King was right on the mark about the Crimson Pig coming to save him, a shame though it wasn’t Hawk =P. Speaking about Hawk, I wonder what he is doing with Ban O.o. Anyway, with that premonition come true, I wonder if the King will have anymore premonitions soon about the threat the Demons actually pose the world and whether something truly ominous is about to take place.

Dreyfus, what a sad guy trying to cover up his crimes with lies, at least when confronted with the truth he chose to abandon his cowardice self and accept any punishment of his sins. Great for him though that he learned that his son was still alive, it would be cool if they could reunite again before something tragic happens to either of them – I suspect that Hendricksen may end up killing Dreyfus. But with Dreyfus having accepted the truth, hopefully with that the names of the Seven Deadly Sins will be cleared and the Holy Knights can move forward free from the corruption of Hendricksen.

Nanatsu no Taizai chapter 84 - Dreyfus finding out his son is alive

I still wonder what the “darkness” inside Dreyfus which Gowther saw was =/

Still, with Hendricksen at large, the danger facing the world is real and massive, especially if he can destroy a nation the way Melodias was said to have – The Kingdom of Danafor. Given that the portal the Demon World has opened slightly, the possibility that the Demons will ultimately find their way into the human world after this arc does seem high, especially with many of the plot points being wrapped up within this arc.

And then there is Ban, will he really buy the “kill Melodias” request by the voice that claims to be part of the “Goddess Clan”. Ban is a smart man, but he is also a desperate man, one who is willing to sacrifice anything to save the woman he loves (Elaine), including himself and likely his best friend. Looking forward to the next chapter and this “party” of Hell Hendricksen plans to start.

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