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Bleach Chapter 588 – Tenjirou VS The Sternritter

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Bleach chapter 588 - Kirinji Tenjirou

Got to love that pompadour, Yhwach ain’t got anything on that

That was a tad strange, I would have thought that once the Royal Guard noticed some disturbance in the Soul King’s Palace, they would have all rushed to the point of origin, especially seeing how their only duty is to protect the Soul King. I suppose given the distance of each of the members sections, each would arrive at different times, but seeing as how the distance separating each section isn’t all that large, the Royal Guard should arrive relatively shortly after each other. Hopefully the Royal Guard aren’t used as a canvas for Yhwach to display his overwhelming power.

It will be interesting to see if Tenjirou continues to fight Yhwach and the other Sternritter alone or whether other Royal Guard’s will arrive to support him and stop Yhwach. Obviously Yhwach can’t lose yet as his climatic battle seems destined to be against Ichigo, but I really do want the Royal Guard to get a fair moment to shine. With Haschwald using some sort of portal, it could mean that he is capable of bringing other Sternritter to the Soul King’s Palace. If that is the case, hopefully some named ones join the battle to give the Royal Guard opponents they can beat rather than all struggle against Yhwach to inevitably be defeated.

The Visored’s have been somewhat disappointing this arc, hopefully Kubo-sensei utilises the Royal effectively and avoids crushing the immense built-up they have gotten through the story of Bleach. At the very least the Royal Guard should hold Yhwach off until Ichigo is able to arrive and challenge Yhwach.

Giselle, I am shocked, so she was a trap, well he…ladyboys are definitely dangerous…but what amusing acting by her/him to get Ikkaku to do what s/he “doesn’t” want done =P. Thankfully Yumichika is there and able to exercise some lateral thinking in assessing Giselle’s intentions.

Bleach chapter 588 - Giselle and Bambietta

Looks like Bambietta did die, but she was turned into a zombie by Giselle…

So that is what happened to Bambietta, after she died(?), she was resurrected by Giselle and seems to currently be a zombie. It will be interesting to see how Ikkaku and Yumichika deal with Bambietta’s exploding power, especially after seeing how destructive it can be in her battle with Sajin. And speaking about Sajin, what has happened to him now? Hopefully we get to see more of his in this arc, his display in his fight against Bambietta was nothing short of magnificent.

I was hoping to see more of Ichigo, Sado, Inoue and Kisuke, but I guess I will have to wait. I’m still waiting for confirmation on who the mysterious character whom saved Kisuke and Co. was is. I seems highly likely that it is Grimmjow, but it would be lovely to have some form of confirmation =/. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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