Fairy Tail Chapter 391 – The Terror Of Deliora

Fairy Tail chapter 391 - Gray Fullbuster - colour by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Gray VS Deliora – colour by salim202

Even with Gray surpassing his own limits, all his efforts in trying to stop Deliora and end the nightmare from the past from recurring has had no effect. With Deliora mastering the art of Devil Slaying, he has attained the ability to nullify any ice attack Gray can throw at him and now with Deliora so close to getting his revenge, what can Gray do to turn the situation around?

Well now I see why Deliora knows Devil Slaying magic, all so he could combat the students of Ur whom studied ice magic. It is quite shrewd of Deliora to learn from his mistakes and find a way to counter the magic that did kill him once before, although I do have to admit that a demon eating ice magic looks incredibly weird, especially an important one like Deliora whom looks so comical when consumes Gray’s ice-make magic.

Fairy Tail chapter 391 - Why Deliora learned Devil Slaying Magic

It makes sense now why Deliora learned such a magic

I am curious to find out if Deliora knows about Ultear, does he even know that Ultear had a daughter? I’m sure if he did, Deliora’s first target would have been Ultear, but seeing as how during the 7 year time skip nothing of the sort was mentioned happening to Ultear, we can assume that at the moment he is completely unaware of Ultear’s existence. Rather than having his revenge against Gray, Deliora’s vengeance is against Ur, whom killed him once before, and the character aside from Ur whom is the most relevant to Deliora’s revenge is Ultear.

Personally I really would love to see Ultear return to the story, her Arc of Time magic would be a great counter to Deliora’s ice magic, unless of course he opts to perform the strategy Gray did during his fight with Ultear, but if Ultear is serious, I’m sure even such a counter would be negligible, seeing as how she has already been fooled by it once before. There is just something about her relevance in the Fairy Tail story and the way in which she was burned by her Arc of Time magic that forces me to believe that Ultear is still majorly relevant and will return at some point. It is either that or my immense connection with her character that is hoping with every fiber of my being that she will return and regain the “time” she lost.

Fairy Tail chapter 391 - Gray's resolve

It is going to be exciting to see how Gray goes about defeating Deliora

Anyway as the hour runs down, the advantage of the situation shifts to Tartarus as all they have to do is buy time for the Continental Magic Pulse Bombs to go off and nullify the magic the Fairy Tail and Sabertooth mages are using. I suppose with Crawford arranging the Face bombs to detonate simultaneously, Erza and Minerva can buy the others time by delaying him and/or killing him again. But given that Kyouka is most likely there, which is strange as she did kill him once before, it will be harder to stop Crawford. Given the treatment Kyouka received from Mard Geer, it is possible that she may have some doubts about the existence of demons and whether their purpose is only following the orders given to them.

Fairy Tail chapter 391 - Gray utilising Deliora's ice

I am curious about whether we will see any other Devil Slayers in the future of Fairy Tail

Whatever happens, it will need to happen fast as time is running out and the situation between Gray and Deliora isn’t looking too good. It will be interesting to see if Gray can utilise his ice magic and that of Deliora’s to find a way to counter and combat his Devil Slaying magic. In an extreme case, Gray may just pick up some Devil Slaying techniques from his battle against Deliora. Very much looking forward to the next chapter and seeing how much the trauma of Deliora’s terror has affected Gray in the past.

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