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One Piece Chapter 752 – To The Sun Flower Fields

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One Piece chapter 752 - Doflamingo's thread joker

Doflamingo’s thread joker is quite useful, I wonder how it is capable of speaking =/

I had a feeling the Doflamingo which showed up at the end of the previous chapter was a string clone/puppet, it just seemed too early and unnatural for Doflamingo to show up in such a situation. With the Donquixote Pirates main members about to face off against the allies of the Strawhat Pirates, the climax of the arc does seem awfully close by. And with the flashback of Law being covered, the many questions raised through this arc are finally about to be answered, well some of them. I am curious to learn about the young Law and how he was “saved” by Corazon.

Got to love how Abdullah and Jeet saved Luffy and Law. I was wondering what purpose the two of them would serve and it turns out they served quite a major one, getting rid of the Doflamingo’s clone/puppet and saving Luffy and Law (who would have thought =P).

With the Colosseum fighters about to unleash on the Donquixote Pirates main members, I wonder what Cavendish has planned and how he intends to have Luffy follow along with his plan – I wonder if Cavendish knows about Luffy’s true self and his inability to follow a plan =P.

One Piece chapter 752 - Robin, Bartolomeo and Rebecca shocked

Robin is now a true Strawhat Pirate!

There it is again, the Robin shocked reaction! Robin’s character has noticeably become more expressive since coming to Dressrosa, displaying several facefaults throughout the arc. It may have been the shock of trying to rationalise the dwarves overwhelming tendency to trust others that shocked Robin’s character into embracing the unusual and bizarre, but whatever the case, it is great seeing Robin become more open with her reactionary and mellow side.

One Piece chapter 752 - Bartolomeo

I am speechless, Bartolomeo is such a character…

As for Bartolomeo, I don’t know what to say regarding his squeal of “wheeee” when he was floating through the skies of Dressrosa. Bartolomeo is getting stranger and stranger by the chapter, but I love the man, he is truly awesome and hilarious. For someone so demonic looking to have such a soft heart and fanboy spirit, he definitely defies the laws of logic and reality =D.

Now that Law’s past has begun to be covered and we find out that Law was a truly disturbed kid when he was younger, it becomes more intriguing wondering how Law ended up changing from his dark self. Was the Corazon the reason, or was it his death that made Law reassess his personality and attitude towards life? Whatever the case, Doflamingo is quite displeased by the change Law underwent, even going so far as calling Law a coward and finding it tragic that he now has to kill Law with his own hands, the man who he in the past expected would become his right-hand man.

One Piece chapter 752 - Doflamingo and Law meet

Why did Law want to join the Donquixote Pirates? Was it his “escape” from the suffering his life was?

It’s expected that Doflamingo doesn’t understand Luffy as it would be impossible to try to rationalise the person Luffy is, but Doflamingo is clearly making the mistake of writing Luffy off as a mere idiot and underestimating him. Sure Luffy may not inspire real fate when he behaves in his adventurous ways, but when it comes down to it, there is no one better than Luffy and right now Luffy is fired up on defeating Doflamingo. Looking forward to learning more about Doflamingo and Law’s past and the purpose of the key Doflamingo is currently playing with.

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