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Shokugeki No Shoma Chapter 76 – Takumi VS Subaru

What a shocker, once again Shokugeki no Soma surprises you out of nowhere. To think that the match between Takumi and Subaru would be a Shokugeki, things just got really serious and with the stakes upped, the winning of match … Continue reading

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Nanatsu No Taizai Chapter 80-83 – Gilthunder’s Fury

What a turn of events, I was completely wrong about Gilthunder’s perception concerning the conspiracy that had taken place within the Kingdom of Liones. I had thought Gilthunder was just being pulled along by his foolishness and ignorance, yet that … Continue reading

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One Piece Chapter 752 – To The Sun Flower Fields

I had a feeling the Doflamingo which showed up at the end of the previous chapter was a string clone/puppet, it just seemed too early and unnatural for Doflamingo to show up in such a situation. With the Donquixote Pirates … Continue reading

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