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Naruto Chapter 683 – Prepared To Die

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Naruto chapter 683 - Uchiha Obito - colour by AR-UA (http://ar-ua.deviantart.com)

The man behind the “mask”, Uchiha Obito – colour by AR-UA

Obito…after everything he has been through, used and abused, it is great how at the very end he has found out who he really is and what he can really do to fulfil the wishes he had for himself and the wishes Rin had for him. Through the path Naruto has revealed to him, Obito is now ready to put his life on the line and help clear it for everyone else. Even if death embraces him after this, Obito has prepared himself to accept his sins, he has found his own way to fulfil his nindou.

Kaguya’s ability to dimension hop and bend the very fabrics of space and the environment is an incredibly cool ability to have. I wonder though if it allows to become intangible like Obito’s Mangekyou Sharingan, even if not, the ability to attack her opponent while she shelters in another dimension makes her ability such an overwhelming one. Will Sasuke returning really make a difference? Sure Black Zetsu is fearful of Kaguya being sealed again, but Kaguya has already shown she can handle the both of them, although I suppose that fear of being sealed may very well hinder her ability to fight to her fullest.

Speaking of Black Zetsu, why does it seem that he is the one who is controlling Kaguya? The lack of Kaguya speaking or showing emotion makes it seem as if Kaguya is a shell devoid of her mind and soul. If that is the case, can Kaguya really be being manipulated by the Shinju through her chakra/Black Zetsu? Kaguya truly is a mystery to me and I am immensely interested in her story and the circumstances she found herself in in the past.

As for Hagoromo, nice of him to show up again, I wonder if he has more answers for the readers this time. Hopefully he can provide some clarification concerning his mother, Kaguya, and what exactly the change in her was when she consumed the Shinju fruit to gain the power of chakra. It would also be intriguing to find out if his brother, Hamura, has any major part to play within the story of Naruto. There is also the Treasured Tools of the Sage of the Six Paths, Hagoromo may just end up revealing the locations of them to the Hokages.

Naruto chapter 683 - Obito's plan

Finally Sakura is coming in use!

I love how Sakura is coming in use, even if just for her chakra reserves, but still it is great that she is having a part to play. It is weird though, that with the monstrous chakra Naruto possesses, his clone still wasn’t enough to power Obito when he connects his Kamui with Kaguya’s dimension. Well regardless, Sakura is coming in use, I look forward to seeing the part she plays in the following chapter and how much chakra her Hyakugou possesses.

Naruto chapter 683 - Obito's nindou

His eyes are wide open now, show everyone the way Obito

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