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Fairy Tail Chapter 390 – Deliora Returns

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Fairy Tail chapter 390 - Deliora returns

It makes so much sense now, but I certainly didn’t foresee this prior

Memories of a tragedy resurface to cast the wounds of despair asunder and with it the agony endured once again embraces its host. Gray, the tragedies of his life and face of his weakness, Deliora embodies it all. Unable to do anything in the past when his parents died and when his master sacrificed herself to seal away his darkness, the agony of inability washes over him once again and reminds him of a time he lost so much. Fury overcomes him and with the monster of his nightmares standing before him, Gray throws it all away relinquishing the control over his suffering. With darkness entrapping Gray once again, who will be the one to seal away his “darkness” this time?

After all that wondering, it turns out that Silver is actually a revived Deliora who ended up happening upon Gray’s father’s body and ultimately taking that on as his human vessel. With Tartartus’s Hell Core reviving Deliora within Gray’s father, it seems certain that at the moment, Gray’s father is still alive but under the control of Deliora. I am curious to see if Silver reveals his true demon form and whether Gray can defeat Deliora without killing his father in the process. With an hour left to go, Fairy Tail and Sabertooth sure are in an intense situation.

Fairy Tail chapter 390 - Grey and Silver 2

The destined conflict between Gray and Silver

I was under the impression that Silver and Gray’s father knew each other on a personal level but that doesn’t seem to be the case, Silver is just bitter that he was once defeated by a human and ended up taking the form of one of the relatives of a party related to his defeat. I still wonder though who the grave Silver visited during his introduction was, he appeared to be more of a neutral kind of person back than, certainly not someone as evil as Deliora, but I guess I was completely fooled by the seemingly intriguing nature of Silver. The fact that Silver also boasted the power of Devil Slayer had me interested as well, why does a demon like Deliora know of such a magic? Such elements definitely led me to believe Silver was someone different from Deliora.

I guess one way in which I can comprehend such circumstances is that Deliora excels in Devil Slaying magic because he aggregates power from the consumption of demon souls. That could be why Deliora is such a powerful demon, beyond just being one of the demons from Zeref’s books. As for the grave Silver was visiting during his introduction, I am going to go out on a limb and guess that the town Silver visited was the town where Gray’s parents died and the grave Silver in particular visited was the grave of Gray’s mother. Seeing as Deliora is using Gray’s father body as a vessel it implies that Gray’s father is still alive and beyond just the body, the mind and soul of Gray’s father still exist. It may seem improbable but I believe during the introduction, Gray’s father was in control of his body or at least influencing Deliora’s decision to visit the town (and his wife’s grave). It would also explain why during that part Silver’s overall character felt neutral and void of the evil Deliora embodies.

Fairy Tail chapter 390 - Deliora's vessel

With Deliora being revived, so to has Gray’s father

If Gray’s father does have some pull within his body, Deliora may just end up being defeated by that weakness, or at least force Deliora to exit Gray’s father’s body when the strain of wrestling control of the body becomes too much for Deliora. I am guessing because Gray is there, it may inspire and invoke emotions within his father to empower the control Deliora has over him. Whatever the case, Gray certainly has a score to settle with Deliora. I am curious to see whether Juvia or Ultear will come into play during Gray’s battle, but whatever happens I do believe their emotions and feelings for him definitely will play a role in this defining battle for him.

Mard Geer is as amusing as ever, I find that his fascination with humans and some what pity for them may just end up exploding in his face when he comes across Natsu or someone more expressive of their human emotions and “ignorance”. Mard Geer distaste for humans is noticeable narrowing his perception of what humans are capable of and despite his opinion of knowing all about them, he really doesn’t know much about humans.

Fairy Tail chapter 390 - The perceptive Minerva

Does being a demon allow Minerva to sense other demons?

Minerva, ah she is awesome, I love how she noticed Franmalth and rip him off Happy’s head. At least now they have a guide to the control room where the resurrected Crawford is present. Hopefully this time, Erza can give Crawford his just desserts for deceiving Mirajane and her earlier in the arc. Crawford dying twice does seem fitting for his betrayal of the human race.

Fairy Tail chapter 390 - Minerva notices Franmalth

I look forward to seeing the encounter between Erza/Minerva and Kyouka

Back to Gray, I definitely am curious to see if he can pick up some Devil Slaying techniques from Deliora, he has already shown himself to have some resonance with Deliora’s ice magic. If Gray can overcome his fury and hatred for Deliora, he definitely does have a chance of defeating Deliora and paying him back for what he did to his family, his master and him in the past. Personally I would love to see Ultear included in this battle somehow, even if just an inspirational force helping Gray calm down and get focused. Very much looking forward to the coming chapters of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail chapter 390 - colour spread - cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (http://ulquiorra90.deviantart.com)

Fairy Tail at the beach – cleaning by Ulquiorra90 (love this colour spread)

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