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One Piece Chapter 751 – Sabo’s Regret

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One Piece chapter 751 - Sabo's regret

Poor Sabo…

It has finally come to light, Sabo’s regret at his inability to save Ace. Just like Luffy who broke down after Ace died in his arms, the agony and pain Sabo must have felt that he wasn’t even able to reach Marineford to help Ace at all, such torment must have been eating him up inside these past two years. Knowing that he could have done something, it is no wonder Sabo has expressly resolved to come to Luffy’s aid no matter where he is in the world whenever Luffy request his help. The feelings of regret Sabo and helplessness, he never again wants to feel that way.

The Mera Mera no Mi and Sabo’s Dragon style fighting go so well together, and this is even before Sabo has complete control over the Mera Mera no Mi. Great to see Sabo’s Dragon talons in action again, Bastille was completely defeated. Isshou bringing down a meteor onto Dressrosa was foolish, didn’t he realise that the meteor would separate with the Bird Cage present and ultimately injure the Dressrosa civilians? And he even believes that he is acting in the Dressrosa civilians best interest by being on the Island? Isshou seems more concerned with stopping the Strawhats and protecting Doflamingo than protecting the residents of Dressrosa. It is easy to see why Viola doesn’t want to be “saved” by the Marines/World Government. The Sabo vs Isshou match-up is an incredibly exciting one, especially with Isshou being the only Marine there capable of battling Sabo. Looking forward to seeing more of the battle in the following chapters.

One Piece chapter 751 - Luffy's baseless confidence

How is he able to say that with a straight face? Law has it rough being forced to operate at Luffy’s pace

Luffy, this guy, I honestly don’t know how his mind works, but goodness, he truly is one of a kind. The seriousness of the situation probably doesn’t phase Luffy, but that doesn’t really matter as when it comes to down to crunch time, Luffy delivers. It was amusing to see Luffy’s obliviousness of the Funk brothers and his reaction to Abdullah and Jeet getting knocked off Ucy as they entered the tunnel. The baseless confidence Luffy has is something truly magically, if it were anybody else, things wouldn’t work out so well =P, but that is one of the reasons for why Luffy is so entertaining to watch.

With Doflamingo now ambushing Luffy, things just got interesting. I suppose it makes sense that Doflamingo would have made Pica configure any and all secret passages the Royal Plateau had, but I do wonder why Doflamingo personally came to meet Luffy. Does Doflamingo intend to handle Luffy and Law personally before things truly spiral out of Doflamingo’s control or is that Doflamingo one of his string clones/puppets?

One Piece chapter 751 - Getting the to key to Luffy

Looking forward to some Robin action in the coming chapters!

Great to hear that Robin is heading over to Luffy and Law along with Rebecca and Bartolomeo with the key to Law’s cuffs. Robin hasn’t had much battle action this arc so hopefully she will get some action soon, but regardless, I am enjoying the coverage she is getting concerning the planning and tactics. Also I have noticed this arc that Robin appears to be more mellow and cheerful than her self from two years ago – Robin is smiling a lot more.

Ah even though we are so close to the end, this arc appears to still have a lot of content left in it, especially given the history Doflamingo and Law share and that still needing to be covered. Looking forward to he next chapter!

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