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Fairy Tail Chapter 389 – Countdown To Despair


Fairy Tail chapter 389 - Rogue and Sting - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Rogue and Sting VS Mard Geer – colour by StingCunha

You know if Mard Geer wasn’t so arrogant and oblivious to dangers Fairy Tail pose to his plan, I would have called him out as a fool for expressly revealing his plan to Erza and Co., but seeing as how it has already been shown that Mard Geer grossly underestimates humans, specifically Fairy Tail, and believes with absolute certainty that they won’t be able to stop him, it follows with his character that he has no problem revealing his plan to his enemies. But who would have thought, Keith, the necromancer, was able to revive Crawford. I guess Crawford will just have to die again =/.

Minerva, free from her obsession of strength and superiority, looks so much cuter now. I really am glad she was finally able to embrace her emotions and realise in time that her obsession with strength wasn’t what she really wanted. I look forward to seeing her develop from her on out and the role she will fill in the future of Fairy Tail.

Fairy Tail chapter 389 - Mard Geer's plan

Mard Geer must be overflowing with confidence for him to reveal his plan to the enemy

Sting and Rogue, it is great that they showed up but just of the two of them taking on the Dark King? Somehow I highly doubt the result will go in the direction they are planning it to go. At best, the two of them will buy enough for Erza and the others to disrupt Mard Geer’s plan. Ultimately though, Mard Geer isn’t going down to them, he is just too powerful and important as an antagonist for him to be defeated right now and by them. I wonder how long it will take before Mard Geer gives Sting and Rogue the Natsu treatment, unless of course the two of them were able to gain considerable more power and control over their abilities to make such an outcome an impossibility. Still whatever the case, Mard Geer seems to be handling the two of them with ease. Hopefully at the very least, Sting and Rogue manage to wipe that smirk off Mard Geer’s face.

Fairy Tail chapter 389 - Mard Geer

Quite amusing seeing Mard Geer effortlessly take on two Dragon Slayers

With one hour left before the Magic Pulse Bombs simultaneously activates, the backs of Fairy Tail really are up against the wall. I am not sure how Jellal, Meredy and Oración Seis are going to fit within this arc relative to the danger apparent, but with the situation so dire a hero is needed and possibly Jellal may fill that role. I suppose there is the enigmatic Lumen Histoire which Makarov is going to activate, but I wonder if that will solve the whole danger Face and Tartarus pose. All I can say with a reasonable amount of certainty is that this arc is far from over.

Fairy Tail chapter 389 - Gray and Silver

What exactly is the connection between the two of them? Did Silver know Gray’s father?

Gray recognises Silver’s face and voice, but his comment about them belonging to someone else is an interesting one. I guess with Silver being a demon and being able to take a human form, there must be some connection between Silver and the person the appearance he is using belongs to. The grave he visited during his introduction may have been the owner of the appearance he is using. I guess the original owner of the appearance could be Gray’s father and Silver may have been good friends (or rivals) with him. I am not sure why Silver despises Gray so much, but he really does want Gray to squirm in despair and agony before he dies, what a sadist Silver! Very much looking forward to how this part within this arc is going to unravel.

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