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Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 74 – World Of Flavours


Shokugeki no Soma chapter 74 - Hisako's soft-shelled turtle hamburger

Quite the creative use of her medicinal cooking knowledge and skills

So beyond appeasing the sense of taste, this culinary battle is also heavily incorporating the other senses that reflect back on the overall satisfaction of the dish. Hisako is utilising her expertise in medicinal cooking to create a texture for her hamburger that pleases the judges sense of touch within their mouth by using a gelatinous sauce to compliment the body of the patty and the softness of the bun. It is a fascinating approach in delivering a dish, especially with the shocking nature of her preparation, but from the reactions of the judges, it does sound like a great dish. Akira on the other hand is using his expertise in spices to indulge the arena spectators and judges with the aroma of his doner kebab.

I was curious to see what kind of bun Hisako would use to compliment her soft-shelled turtle patty and it turns out she used a steam bun. The softness of the bun does help to carry the gelatinous sauce which coats the patty. The method Hisako found to highlight her style of cooking was an intriguing one, especially with it satisfying the judges sense of touch as well as their sense of taste. The more a person is able to get absorbed into the food they are eating with their senses, the more they will end up enjoying the overall satisfaction of the dish.

Hisako was able to intoxicate Senzaemon with her hamburger and that speaks volumes to the level of cooking she has displayed in this challenge – it made Senzaemon go Ultraman =P. The theme of hamburger may not have type of food Hisako specialises in but she still managed to incorporate her style of cooking within her dish.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 74 - Subaru's prediction

Given the importance his character holds, I don’t see Subaru being wrong =/

Mimasaka Subaru, he really is an odd fellow, has he already researched on all of the final contestants within the Autumn Election? So far he has shown himself to be incredibly perceptive and intuitive when he comes to analysing the information he has on a person. His claim in the match belonging to Akira is an interesting one, does he already know how adept Akira is when it comes to utilising the flavour and aroma of his dish? For such a bold claim by a new character, an incredibly relevant one at that, it would seem strange for Subaru to make such a statement and have it turn out false. Subaru has already been built up as a dangerous character who wields immense culinary skill, I just don’t see him being wrong in his analyse of the third match for round one.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 74 - Akira's bewitching aroma

Just by the smell the audience and judges were bewitched

Given Akira’s sensitive sense of smell and his talents in utilise spices to bring out the aroma of a dish, it seems certain that by using the judges sense of smell, he is going to entrance them with his cooking before they even end up tasting his hamburger. The fact that the audience and judges attention was captured by Akira the moment he began to fry his meat is testament to the power his cooking has. I really am looking forward to seeing how Akira went about creating his hamburger and the components he ended up using to create it.


3 thoughts on “Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 74 – World Of Flavours

  1. Shame she won’t make it, I rather enjoyed her idea, and now I’m extremely worried about with Hisako’s character is what happens to her relationship with Erina when she loses? We saw what transpired with Nikumi’s loss after all, will Erina tolerate a failure on such a big stage from her representative?

    Also, just speculation on my part, but the more I look at it the more I’m thinking Ryo probably has the best shot against Subaru in terms of matchup outside of Souma, because he’s the one people have very little background information on and his personality switches make him extremely unpredictable and wild in terms of his flavor profile. If things breakdown they way they should I’m actually going to put Souma against Ryo and Subaru against Hayama match-up, Hayama’s softer relationship with Jun makes me think he’s vulnerable to the type of mind-games I think Subaru will play with his psychological profiling.

    • Yeah I’m curious to see how the match-ups end up as in the next round. It’s sad that the flow of the arc already has the readers presuming Takumi will lose before he even begins his match, but Subaru just seems to serve more an important role than Takumi this arc. I would chuckle if the theme of the Takumi vs Subaru challenge is pasta =P.

      • Not a common and inexpensive enough food to fit the themes in my view. Now, if it was PIZZA… 😉

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