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One Piece Chapter 750 – Shattering The Facade Of Peace

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One Piece chapter 750 - colour spread

What a weird bunch of allies but terrifying nonetheless

Viola put it beautifully, right now only the Strawhat Pirates and their allies are capable of shattering the illusions Doflamingo has cast in front of Dressrosa and the world. The World Government are too busy concerning themselves with their own power, influence and relationship with the Tenryuubito that they ignore the cries of those suffering under the hands and manipulation of Doflamingo. Isshou may not be able to see but he is still closing his ears to the cries of the nation in favour of maintaining the duty the Marines hold within the World Government – control and order – something totally different from the peace and well-being of a nation and its citizens.

Within the chaos erupting inside Dressrosa and the during the time she suffered serving under Doflamingo’s captaincy, Viola has come to see the World Government for what it is and the “justice” they and the Marines sugarcoat their words and actions with. Viola realises the World Government doesn’t care for the people, they only listen when it is convenient for them and/or beneficial to them. By the Marines and World Governments omittance to help Dressrosa, Viola has lost fate in them and now places her hopes within the a group of Pirates whose words hold more weight and sincerity than the people under a duty to protect them.

One Piece chapter 750 - Viola places her hopes in the Strawhats One Piece chapter 750 - Viola's trust in Luffy

If the Riku Family ever gets back into power and ends up leading Dressrosa once again, the relationship they share with the World Government is going to be a very intriguing one. If a relationship is formed, it is going to be one built on a precarious level of trust and respect. It seems more likely that Dressrosa would prefer to keep itself distant from the World Government whom omitted to do anything to stop the suffering ongoing within Dressrosa over the course of ten years. Viola has already expressed her disgust at the World Government and the Marines and I doubt King Riku disagrees much with her.

With the focus of the battle within Dressrosa spread across many scenes, it is going to be intense to see how each of those battles develop and conclude. The main two objectives in stopping Doflamingo are destroying the SMILE production factory and crushing Doflamingo himself, but with so much resistance blocking the Strawhats path towards those objectives, it is going to be interesting to see how the Donquixote Pirates and the Marines are handled.

The Colosseum fighters are already heading for the Palace and most likely will meet up with the Donquixote main crew. Zoro is holding off Pica and Sabo has just placed himself in front of the entirety of the Marines on Dressrosa in order to buy Luffy and those helping him some space to move and time to stop Doflamingo. And to make matters more interesting and exciting, Sabo is about to reveal his exact relationship with Luffy to the Marines (how badass Sabo). You can bet that once the Marines and World Government learn of the close connection Luffy shares with the Revolutionary Army (more than having his father lead it), Luffy’s bounty will rise and rise a lot. Factor in the likely possibility of Luffy defeating Doflamingo and you have a situation where the World Government has no choice but to react to.

One Piece chapter 750 - Sabo's stand

Sabo VS the Marines, how epic it is

With the Strawhats establishing many allies within this arc and a situation drawing them together, I just wonder how much influence the Strawhat Pirates will gain once the events in Dressrosa are settled. They may become a rising power that can possibly stand against the Yonkou. Well, such events are still far off as the events in Dressrosa are still to be settled. Looking forward to the following chapters and learning the background to the relationship Law shared with Corazon.

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