Naruto Chapter 681 – Black Zetsu

Naruto chapter 681 - Kaguya - colour by HikariNoGiri (

What was Kaguya like before she consumed the Shinju fruit? I really do wonder – colour by HikariNoGiri

The plan to revive Kaguya was much more elaborate than I had even imagined, for the origins of the plan to stretch back to the origins of the Shinobi, how shocking. Black Zetsu has just revealed himself to be a completely massive enigma, he says he is Kaguya’s child but is he really? From the story he had shared, he was born in moment Kaguya was being sealed away inside Hagoromo and Hamura. The purpose attached to Black Zetsu was to revive Kaguya, and carried that out by manipulating the path of the Shinobi. Black Zetsu manufactured the conflict between the Uchiha and Senju and utilised the Uchiha’s sensitivity to set-up the Infinite Tsukiyomi and Kaguya’s revival. With that revealed, it begs the question, who exactly is Zetsu? Why was he created and who created him?

I honestly don’t trust Black Zetsu even with him being somewhat truthful with his revelation of the events that had transpired in the process of reviving Kaguya. Who was it that created Black Zetsu? Was it Kaguya or someone or something else entirely? Black Zetsu claims to be Kaguya’s sons, but he clearly is not Hagoromo or Hamura as he was born during the moment Kaguya was being sealed. So with that, why was Black Zetsu created? I do believe that Black Zetsu really did intend to revive Kaguya, but there is something more to his intentions than he is currently revealing.

Naruto chapter 681 - Black Zetsu's origins

Whose will is Black Zetsu following? Kaguya’s or the Shinju’s?

The Juubi is the beastly form of the Shinju with Kaguya’s body probably being used as a base. Based on the contrasting approaches in Kaguya’s handling of peace and war from when she first consumed the Shinju fruit to when she became twisted by it, it is apparent that the Shinju had developed some influence over Kaguya’s psyche overtime. Given that, it makes sense that once Kaguya had become corrupted by the Shinju and was on the verge of being sealed, the Shinju using Kaguya created Black Zetsu in order to facilitate the revival of Kaguya and effectively the beastly form of the Shinju, the Juubi.

The Shinju only ever wanted to reconsolidate its chakra and by using Kaguya, they were able to carry out such an intention. Kaguya may have been revived, but I feel that the Shinju is the one influencing her actions. Black Zetsu may be based on Kaguya’s will, but it seems that he is influenced by the Shinju’s desires. With all chakra gathering in one place, the desires of the Shinju having its chakra returned seem like a certain possibility now, and with that result achieved, the Shinju will benefit the most.

Naruto chapter 681 - Kaguya's hatred

Clearly the Shinju fruit Kaguya had consumed had affected her, for her to desire the same thing it does…

What I still don’t get though is why Kaguya needs an army of White Zetsu, does she have something planned for them? If the origins of Shinobi was to facilitate the revival of Kaguya and Kaguya’s purpose was to gather the chakra in one place, how does the White Zetsu factor into all of this? Despite the influx of information we are receiving, there is something key being left out that ties back majorly into the past.

Regarding the stone monument within the Naka Shrine, I wonder why Hagoromo only left records of history with the Uchiha? Did he not intend to leave any to his other son, Asura? It just seems strange that he exclusively recorded history for only one of his sons to read. Because of that, Black Zetsu was given the opportunity to manipulate the information on the stone monument and lead the Uchiha down a path towards Kaguya’s revival. The Uchiha were operating under the premise of achieving peace, but they were deceived into creating a reality where a being which threatens peace is revived.

Black Zetsu was behind everything; the conflict between the Uchiha and Senju, Madara’s survival in his battle against Hashirama, Madara’s attaining the Rinnegan, Kabuto finding Madara’s corpse, Obito being manipulated, and finally the plan to activate the Infinite Tsukiyomi. Black Zetsu was able to revive Kaguya and with that done, she is now intending the absorb the chakra within Naruto and Sasuke into herself.

With Naruto and Sasuke both free from Black Zetsu’s embrace, it is going to be interesting to see how they perform the sealing jutsu Hagoromo had given them to seal Kaguya. With Kaguya being so overwhelmingly powerful, I am looking forward to seeing how Naruto and Sasuke create an opening.


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