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Fairy Tail Chapter 388 – Minerva’s Tears


Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Sabertooth Arrives

I feel so happy for Minerva, she is finally free from the shackles of fear encumbering her so painfully

Frozen by detachment and confused by superiority, the heart of a girl once so full of warmth is smothered by the narrow-mindedness of strength and the fear of weakness. Engraved within her being by the terror of her father and the darkness of his teachings, she distanced herself from her feelings and began to ignore the cries of her heart, cries that craved to be embraced. Yet through her denial of herself and the acknowledgement of who she is, the heart of her emotion began to beat again and with the realisation of a place to belong, tears once dried up and frozen begin to rejuvenate the heart.

Despite the cruel nature of Minerva and her acceptance of the darkness, there was always a part within her that screamed pain and loneliness. From the tears she shed once she realised Sabertooth lost the Grand Magic Games it became notably clear that there was much more to Minerva than she let herself be perceived as. The anger towards her father and the twisted nature of her pride in being strong, such elements alluded to the fact that Minerva was shackled to her fear of being weak.

Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Minerva's childhood 1 Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Minerva's childhood 2

The childhood Minerva lived through and the teachings of her father, Jiemma, she had to endure, such pain scarred her and drove her to perceive the world in such a narrow and dark way. Minerva was forced to believe in the necessity of strength and the worthlessness of weakness. It was Jiemma’s parenting that twisted Minerva’s pride of being strong and her fear of being weak. It was such teachings that made Minerva perceive her lose to Erza as a symbol of her weakness and the lack of value her life held.

Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Minerva vulnerable

My heart felt that…

Minerva was never thought how to deal with despair and sadness, so when challenged and faced with unfamiliar situations, Minerva behaved the only way she knew, offensively and feeling everything will be resolved with the display of strength. Through Minerva’s confusion and vulnerability, Erza was able to pierce her heart and embrace it with her words which resonated within Minerva. And thanks to arrival of Sting, Rogue, Lector and Frosch, the ice freezing Minerva’s heart began to melt. And once the layers of fear washed away with tears of happiness, a vulnerable and pure girl desiring to be embraced revealed herself.

I don’t know how else to say it, but I feel happy, I feel happy that Minerva was able to escape from her “prison” of fear and terror which her father Jiemma created within her. The acceptance of her emotions and realisation that she is so much more than the power she wields, such developments feel so satisfying to process within my mind and in my heart. The fact that Minerva was finally able to let out her tears free from the fear of it signalling her weakness makes me smile so sincerely, she has finally found a place where she can be free.

Fairy Tail chapter 388 - Erza and Minerva - colour by gaston18 (http://gaston18.deviantart.com)

Words that pierce the heart – colour by gaston18

With Mard Geer going on the offensive, it will be exciting to see how the Twin Dragons handle him. I am also excited to see how the relationship between Erza and Minerva will develop in the future, they really do seem like they could be really good friends. There is also the development with Wendy, with her cutting her hair and steeling her resolve, it will be interesting to see how she handles the situation with Face. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.


11 thoughts on “Fairy Tail Chapter 388 – Minerva’s Tears

  1. I wish you had brought up your “Minerva Orland, Good or Bad Girl?” article in this review because in my opinion made her redemption more believable than some are willing to believe (*cough* LilyNadesco *cough*). Also, I think that Minerva didn’t really want to actually kill Lucy at the Naval Battle and merely just wanted to rough her up a bit but got carried away. It’s a shame you didn’t review Chapter 425 of this manga where she outright said so herself. Also, I hope you check out that Sabertooth spin-off manga and tell me what you think of it.

  2. That’s not what I like to think. That’s what it IS.

    • It IS what you like to think, but you know what? Fine! Keep thinking it! Trying to convince you otherwise is a waste of time and energy! So, shut up and get lost! And don’t even bother posting a reply to what I said here, because it’ll prove my point! Just accept the fact that our opinions aren’t the same as yours and stop shoving your opinion down our throats!

      • It’s not my opinion. It is FACT, and you Minerva white knighters are just in denial.
        If you’re interested, this guy here says it better than I could: http://otakunuts.blogspot.com/2014/06/fairy-tail-chapter-388-review-erza-vs.html

      • Alright everyone, opinions are nice to have and we should respect them. For me, I believe Mashima set up Minerva’s tragic past when her negativity towards her father was displayed.

        I admit it could have been handled better by Mashima but from the start he was planning to redeem Minerva. And Erza was the hand that reached toward Minerva to pull her back.

        Personally I love Minerva’s character and stories of characters submerged in darkness finding a way back. It gives [me] hope that despite the pain and darkness we endure, change exist and so do people who want to help. For me Fairy Tail is a manga I find incredibly enjoyable and therapeutic.

    • Oh, I’m sorry, but it IS your opinion, and parading it around as tact is snooty, elteist, arrogant, self-centered, obnoxious, and overall rude. And the fact that you read 12Dimension’s blog exploring Minerva’s character and you absolutely rejected it shows that your mind is as closed as Fort fucking Nox. Which means that YOU are the one who is in denial and not only that, by this point, you’re just being a troll and I think that 12Dimension should block you! Now, SCRAM!!! And I told you not to reply to me! AND YOU DID!!!

      • I agree further discussion wouldn’t be fruitful so we should all agree to disagree.

        At the end of the day, Minerva came back from the darkness and despite ones opinion of how it happened, it happened.

  3. Hey, Lily Nadesico! If Minerva’s redemption being due to retconning is a fact, then this fanfiction right here being a massave improvement over it and a brilliantly written, expertly crafted masterpiece is ALSO a fact:

    And you are a complete and total dumbass for hating this fanfiction. That too is yet another fact! Seeing Minerva be tortured and mutilated should have been cathartic for you. Should have filled you with glee. Should have delighted you.

  4. You know after telling LilyNadesco that her belief in that “Minerva’s redemption only happened because her character was retconned.” was what she likes to think, instead of saying things like, “Not what I like to think, it IS” or that it was “not her opinion, but rather fact,” she should have said, “Why thank you very much for accepting that you won’t be able to change my mind.”

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