Naruto Chapter 680 – Naruto VS Kaguya

Naruto chapter 680 - The Good and The Bad - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (

The Good and The Bad – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

Oh so Kaguya didn’t place them under a genjutsu but instead transported them to a different dimension, how fascinating, I wonder what the current dimension they are in is and what other dimensions she is able to travel to. Given that Kaguya is so overwhelmingly powerful, it is going to be interesting to see how Naruto and Sasuke manage to overcome her. Will the suggested conflict within Kaguya end up being her saving grace? Or will Naruto have to end her permanently? Whatever the case, so much is unknown about Kaguya, her intentions and her past that is difficult to understand her character and motives completely.

I get that Kaguya seeks to gather all chakra within herself again, but what for? What reason is there to gather all the chakra in one point? The more Kaguya lust after chakra and the more we hear how she wants chakra to become one, the more I begin to believe that the Shinju has a major influence of how Kaguya is perceiving the world and its problems. We all know that the Shinju desires to have all the chakra returned to itself, so hearing how desperately Kaguya wants chakra to become one makes it seem that the Shinju has some influence over her.

With the image of Hagoromo passing through Kaguya’s mind as she looked at Naruto save his comrades, I am led to believe that there is some internal conflict within Kaguya and her reasoning. The way in which she paused to take note of her thought and the way she reacted to it really does suggest that her mental state may not be functioning harmoniously. By stating that “all chakra belongs to me” Kaguya seems to have been trying to forcefully erase the thought she had of her son and the ideology he stood for – sharing the chakra amongst the people in order to connect them and create a lasting peace.

Naruto chapter 680 - Naruto vs Kaguya

That comment by Kaguya with her desiring to return chakra to one form reminds me so much of the Shinju’s intentions

The Naruto/Sasuke and Kaguya clash was quite intense, especially with their battle taking place within an active volcano. I doubt the surprise attack by Sasuke did much to affect Kaguya as she does appear to be too powerful to have such an attack reach her. Personally, I feel the only way Naruto and Sasuke will  be able to defeat Kaguya is with outside help, be it from a third party or Kaguya doubting herself. Because as things are currently, they are just too out-matched for Kaguya who possess such a frightening level of chakra. Well however the battle goes down, I will be looking forward to seeing how Naruto and Sasuke manage to overcome this foe. I also look forward to learning about Kaguya’s past and the reasons for her current actions.

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