Bleach Chapter 584 – The Hunted

Bleach chapter 584 - Ichigo - colour by sAmA15 (

Will Ichigo finally head to face Yhwach with the appearance of the ominous light? – colour by sAmA14

Ichigo sure has become popular, for eight Sternritter to have ganged up on him, what a lucky guy he is. It may just be time for him to unleash and put those Sternritter in their place for good – I wonder if Ichigo will be forced to go Bankai or whether he will take all those Sternritter on with his Shikai. I suppose another possibility could be the fight being interrupted by the arrival of other characters – Renji, Rukia and Byakuya? Either way with Yhwach up to something, Ichigo will have to get a move on.

How surprising, Ichigo didn’t actually intend to injure Candice, I wonder what is going through his mind. Does he see the Quincy as a people twisted by tragedy and wants to stop Yhwach with the least amount of bloodshed? I suppose if you look at the circumstances from a certain angle, it is actually Yhwach who is using the Sternritter for his ends, casting them towards the enemy and discarding them whenever they are of no more further use, all for the sake of this “light”.

Whatever this “light” is, it doesn’t look good, but I wonder why he waited til this long to carry it out, was he waiting for Ichigo? The fact that Yhwach states “it is time to be one with me…” indicates that Yhwach is about to gather all the Quincy powers within himself, possibly what he had done 9 year ago – absorbing fellow Quincy powers. What exactly will Uryuu decide to do now, he is aware of what kind of person Yhwach is?

Bleach chapter 584 - Candice Catnip - colour by aConst (

Candice determined despite knowing what she is up against – colour by aConst

Impressive that Candice was able to counter Ichigo’s Getsuga Juujishou, although she did lose an arm, but impressive nonetheless when you take into account the caliber of fighter Ichigo is. I’m surprised Candice is still willing to take on Ichigo given how overwhelmed she has been. Despite having her arm repaired by Giselle’s “The Zombie” power, Candice is still raring to take on Ichigo.

Amusing how four more Sternritter showed up to face Ichigo, but what a sad move by Bazz B who shot Candice, Liltotto, Meninas, and Giselle with his Burner Finger with the intention of getting rid of them and kill-stealing Ichigo. With NaNaNa Najahkoop there, it feels almost certain that Renji is going to appear soon, Rukia and Byakuya may also arrive as they were heading towards Ichigo’s direction the last time we seen them. Still, even if it is 8 Sternritter VS Ichigo, Ichigo will still come out victorious. The issue is how long is Ichigo intending to wait until he decides to take on Yhwach? Hopefully soon. Looking forward to the next chapter.

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