Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 73 – Akira VS Hisako

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 73 - Hisako's composure

Her eyes when she is cooking display a completely different person than who she normally is

Well looks like I was wrong with my predictions of what the final two match-ups would be for the first round in the Autumn Election, I guess the battle of Souma’s rivals will have to wait for later (Takumi vs Akira). Mimasaka Subaru is an interesting character albeit incredibly weird, but amusing nonetheless. What a hardcore stalker that obsesses over details so disturbingly, I get now why despite his appearance, he was able to pass the Autumn Election preliminaries. Still the most shocking development in the chapter was Hisako seriousness, I had not expected her to be so convicted in her desire to reach the top, but what she displayed this chapter has me re-evaluating her character completely. Akira may just be overpowered in this match =/.

Mimasaka Subaru, what a strange fellow, he looks so rough and crude but in actuality, he is a very organised and cautious person. To be so focused on details like that, no wonder he was able to progress through the Autumn Election with such an eye for detail. The manner in which he undertakes his challenges suggest that he able to plan in advance a counter or strategy against his opponents dish or dishes. It is a dangerous ability he has, the ability to perceive the detail in things and break it apart to locate weak points, the fact that he is so cautious makes him even more dangerous. The Takumi vs Subaru match should definitely be interesting.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 73 - Hisako 1

Wow, Hisako is terrifying

Anyway currently the match between Akira and Hisako is underway and Hisako straight from the start is shocking us with how determined she is in wanting to take Tootsuki’s top. I honestly did not expect Hisako to be so driven but with her display of killing the turtle in preparation for her hamburger, she has illustrated that she is serious and she means business. Whenever she enters the cooking arena, she looks like a different person, those steeled eyes she has when cooking, how mysterious and terrifying. I wonder how her hamburger will turn out.

As for Akira, he is utilising a Turkish technique – Doner Kebab, and apparently is the method in which it is cooked allows for the meat fats and the spices to melt alongside each other thereby producing a very rich and flavourful dish. The tower of meat Akira has prepared is massive, so it will be interesting to see how he uses it in his hamburger and how much at that. Personally, I would love to see Akira progress to the next stage as I am seriously looking forward to the Souma vs Akira rematch, but based on the seriousness Hisako is bringing to the challenge, I honestly don’t know which of the two will end up besting the other =/.

With the current match already turning heads (and stomachs), it will be fascinating to see how Akira and Hisako’s dishes develop from here. Looking forward to the next chapter.


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