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Fairy Tail Chapter 387 – The Continental Magic Pulse Bomb

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Fairy Tail chapter 387 - The Continental Magic Pulse Bomb Face

That is some weapon the Magic Council has developed, what were they thinking if at all?

Well dam, that sure exploded in Fairy Tail’s face. Mard Geer is still kicking, Franmalth is still alive thanks to some unknown mushroom transformation, the Kyuukimon are still powerful and Face is anything but destroyed due to their being more than one Face – the Magic Council were such trolls. Looks like the answer to the threat FACING humanity lies in the form of Lumen Histoire, the “secret” locked away underneath Fairy Tail. At least now we know why Mard Geer was so confident the Face plan would be able to progress despite the initial Face going down. I wonder where Mard Geer is getting all this information from O.o.

Silver, I wonder if he is really Grey’s father or just a demon using the appearance of Grey’s father? I suppose since the “scent” Silver gives off is comparable to that of Grey, there is some support to suggest that Silver is Grey’s father. But if so, why did Silver leave his child and why is he aligned with Tartarus? The fact that Silver is a Devil Slayer adds more confusion to his character and purpose, why does he specialise in that type of magic when he is working alongside Demons? And why did he take Grey away from everyone else? Looking forward to having these questions answered during this part of the arc.

Torafusa, Kieth and Tempesta seem to be able to hold their own against Fairy Tail and even have an edge at the moment against Gajeel, Juvia and Natsu. I suppose with Fairy Tail currently being unaware of the exact nature of the curses each of the Kyuukimon wield, they are expected to be caught of guard during the start of their battles. Once Gajeel, Juvia and Natsu get familiar with the abilities they are up against, they will be able to launch counters and avoid attacks.

Franmalth…seriously? I thought the story had washed its hands of him, but I guess the one-eyed demon is more resilient than I gave him credit for. Still, a mushroom? And on top of Happy’s head? I don’t even know what exactly to say but question what Franmalth has planned =/. Franmalth as a mushroom though is a fitting appearance, the one eye, mouth and stripes go magically with it =P.

Lumen Histoire, looks like we will finally get to see the “secret” underneath Fairy Tail come to light, how exciting. I wonder what it exactly is and how it is going to combat the plan Tartarus has executed. The fact that there are 2,000 Faces at the moment really requires something immense, overwhelming and magical to overcome it. I doubt Wendy and Carla will be able to reprogram all 2,000 Faces before Mard Geer activates one, so as things stand at the moment, the “light” of Fairy Tail is the only hope, well unless Crime Sorcière can do something about the many Faces.

Fairy Tail chapter 387 - Mard Geer

The nightmare continues…Tartartus’s plans have just begun

The amount of Magic Pulse Bombs aka. Face also has me intrigued as to why the Magic Council had constructed so many, wasn’t one or two enough? Or were each Face bombs not powerful enough to cover a whole continent? I suppose that is possible and it would explain why so many were constructed in the first place. But if that is the case, if a portion of them are taken out won’t that mean that only part of the continent will be affected by the Magic Pulse Bomb? Still I wonder why the other Tartarus members knew nothing about Face, Kyouka and Franmalth were under the assumption that only one Face existed. Was Crawford also aware that there were more than one Face? Well whatever the case, things don’t look good, and something must be done to stop the Magic Pulse Bombs from activating and nullifying all magic power.

The title of the next chapter – “Erza vs Minerva”, has me extremely excited, very much looking forward to the next chapter and their battle.



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