Shokugeki No Soma Chapter 72 – The Determination To Succeed

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 72 - Souma, Takumi, Akira and Hisako

The contest to the top

Aw, I was hoping Megumi would come out victorious, but I suppose after the last few chapters that doesn’t matter as Megumi has already displayed that she is capable of challenging the rest of the cast within the story. The fact that she managed to “undress” the fundoshi of Senzaemon with her food is proof that she has abilities to take notice of. Still, Kurokiba winning is interesting, I wonder who he will end up facing in the next round =/. Will it be that unnamed guy related to Eizan? And speaking about him, is he really a high school student?

I’m surprised Senzaemon didn’t notice his fundoshi undone earlier, unless of course it only came undone when he left the stadium arena. But dam, how the hell does that happen? It really is a weird development, but I wonder how such a development is meant to read relative to him stripping when he enjoys others food. Does the feat Megumi accomplished serve as a more significant impact on Senzaemon than him intentionally stripping? Well whatever the case, Megumi has been noticed by him and many other cooks. From here on out, with her new-found love and enjoyment of cooking, she is going to awe everyone.

Shokugeki no Soma chapter 72 - the determination to succeed

With their feelings held close, they target the top

A shame the rest of the matches are to be held the day after the start of the Autumn Election round one, but at least the day was covered in the remainder of the chapter focusing on Akira, Takumi and Hisako and their determination to succeed thanks to their love for another person. It will be interesting to see Takumi and Hisako in action, but I still believe at the end of the day, Akira and that unnamed character are going to be the two to progress to the next stage of the Autumn Election.

With the next day of the competition beginning, it is going to be intense seeing the rest of the contestants battle is out with their food and skills. Looking forward to it.

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