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Bleach Chapter 583 – ELECTROCUTION

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Bleach chapter 583 - Candice's Vollstaendig

Candice finally released her Vollstaendig huh? I like how the wings and halo compliment the electrical sparks around her

I’ve got to hand it to Kubo-sensei, the pun he came up with in regards to Candice’s strongest attack was quite amusing. A play on the electrical attacks Candice uses and the execution she so desires to pass on Ichigo. I’m glad Kubo-sensei is taking time to flesh out the female Sternritter, specifically Candice, she has a cool power and it is getting some nice coverage in her battle against Ichigo regardless of whether she is actually forcing Ichigo into a corner or not. Although with war still going on inside Seireitei, now seems like a good time for Ichigo to put his foot down and end this fight so he can proceed to face Yhwach and end the destruction.

I honestly was not expecting Candice to be getting so much focus, but through her ordeal of being beaten and knocked around, she has been shown to be quite the hilarious character who reacts in such entertaining ways to the situations she finds herself in. There is no doubt that she stands no chance against Ichigo, even with her allies, they probably stand no chance, but it is nice seeing them, well her, put up a serious fight before being kicked to the curb.

Bleach chapter 583 - Candice VS Ichigo

I wonder long it will take Candice to realise the gap in between Ichigo and her is just too large =/

It is either admirable or crazy of Candice that she hasn’t backed down on engaging Ichigo despite realising the large power-gap between the two, although at the moment the majority of her mind is under the delusion that she does stand a chance – overestimation of her abilities. I suppose after having everything she throws at Ichigo nullified, she will probably come to the realisation that the gap in power is just too large. It will be interesting to see what the rest of the Sternritter with her will do when she is unable to take down Ichigo alone.

I am still waiting to see what new features Ichigo’s zanpakutou has beyond his Getsuga attacks. How are the different powers he wields incorporated within his blade? And do the powers he wield work together? I suppose we shall see within the coming chapters how much Zangetsu has changed. Looking forward to it.

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