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Fairy Tail Chapter 386 – The Radiance Of The Stars

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Fairy Tail chapter 386 - Natsu come back - colour by StingCunha (http://stingcunha.deviantart.com)

Fairy Tail VS Tartarus – colour by StingCunha

How impressive it is that Lucy, while having the Celestial Spirit King summoned, was able to cast her most powerful magic to take out Jackal. Her actions these past few chapters has really showcased how reliable and resilient she can be, despite all the challenges she encountered, Lucy, with the aid of her beloved spirits, was able to scale those walls and illuminate the darkness with radiating light. The Celestial Spirit King’s Galaxia Blade directed the radiance of the stars onto the darkness imprisoning Fairy Tail, ultimately eroding it away and effectively saving Fairy Tail. With Alegria dispelled, it is time for the rest Fairy Tail to carry on what Wendy, Mira and Lucy gave their all to stop, that is Tartartus.

Quite smart of the Celestial Spirit King to utilise the last remaining power he received from Lucy for his Galaxia Blade attack which summoned the radiance of the stars to shine upon the fallen remains of the Plutogrim. Thanks to that intelligent use of his time, he was able to clear away the darkness imprisoning Fairy Tail and even create an opportunity for Fairy Tail to defeat Mard Geer. A shame though that the Celestial Spirit King had to return to the Celestial Spirit World as I had wanted to see more of what he was capable of and learn more about the relationship the Dark King Mard Geer and he have. I guess we will have to wait a bit longer to learn more about the conflict between light and darkness.

As for Mard Geer becoming petrified, was that the effect of Galaxia Blade? Did the radiance of the stars also erode away the darkness in Mard Geer thereby weakening him and turning him into stone? I am curious to see what exactly Mard Geer was talking about concerning the “malice” he has for all humankind. Did the humans wrong the demons in the past? Hopefully we will get some more clarity relating to Mard Geer and Tartarus’s goals this arc – possibly when E.N.D. is revived?

The moment of the chapter for me was Minerva’s reaction to finding out Erza is still alive, that smile so full of joy and elation, she looks so innocent and cute, it almost makes me forget how much of a sinister character she has been so far in the manga. Minerva intrigues me immensely and I really like her character, so I am quite excited about this development, especially seeing how she referred to Erza as her “beloved”.

Fairy Tail chapter 386 - Erza and Minerva 1 Fairy Tail chapter 386 - Erza and Minerva 2

Minerva, given that Jiemma is her father, most likely had a rough childhood, a childhood that scarred her and drove her to perceive the world in such a narrow and dark way. Minerva was made to believe that only the “strong” deserve to live in the world and all the rest are merely just food for the “strong” to feed off. I honestly do believe that at the core of Minerva, she is someone quite vulnerable and pure, it is just Jiemma’s parenting that twisted Minerva’s pride of being strong and her fear of being weak. Minerva saw her defeat to Erza as a symbol of her weakness and the lack of value her life held, but recently, specifically this chapter, it appears that Minerva may not be fully concerned about that anymore having shown dejection at Erza’s defeat/imprisonment in Alegria and excitement at her becoming free of it. More than the result, I suspect that Minerva has found value and purpose in her battles against Erza. Erza is bringing to life feelings inside Minerva she has never felt, feelings void of fear and the extremes she once viewed the world in. Minerva genuinely did appear to be enjoying herself when she exchanged blows with Erza this chapter. Ah, I am left extremely excited waiting to see how their battle will play out and develop.

This arc has been extremely brilliant so far, I absolutely love how every main member of Fairy Tail are getting moments to shine and showcase their strengths (save Makarov so far). And while this arc is positioned in the direction of Fairy Tail coming out victorious, the demons of Tartarus have also put up a thrilling challenge that did force the Fairy Tail members to fight beyond their limits to overcome it (Wendy, Mira and Lucy). The end of Tartarus is still a far away though, with Jellal, Meredy and Oración Seis still playing a part in this arc, some event to force them becoming necessary must still arise – E.N.D.’s revival? Depending on what Kyouka and/or Mard Geer do, this battle against Tartarus is definitely still far from over.

Fairy Tail chapter 386 - Fairy Tail fired up

What an intense and exciting arc this is becoming, love it!

Great to see Natsu, Grey, Gajeel and Juvia show up to protect Lucy from Tempesta, Silver, Torafusa and Keith. With the conflict between Fairy Tail and Tartarus still ongoing, it is going to be intense to see how these battles pan, especially the Grey and Silver on. The next part within this Tartarus arc is titled – “Father and Son”, so it safe to say that Grey and Silver are related by blood and Silver is Grey’s father (unless Silver is from the future and is Grey’s son, but that is just ridiculous =P). Very much looking forward to seeing some more coverage on Grey and how he will react to finding out his father is alive.

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