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Naruto Chapter 678 – Kaguya’s Will

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Naruto chapter 678 - Declaration of War - colour by IITheYahikoDarkII (http://iitheyahikodarkii.deviantart.com)

Declaration of War – colour by IITheYahikoDarkII

Well dam, how many more twist can there be within this arc before it ends, because I really was not expecting Kaguya to pop up. Out of no where, a new element has been thrown into the conflict between Ashura and Indra, and this time it is their grandmother, Kaguya. To think the Infinite Tsukiyomi was just a set-up for Kaguya to entrap the people of the world to the Shinju. Despite Madara’s intentions of wanting to create a “peaceful” world or at least the illusion of one, Kaguya has other ideas and people happiness and the illusion of “Heaven” is far from what she is intending. Given that we know that Kaguya was twisted by the powers she wielded once she consumed the Shinju fruit, it is safe to say that with her return, things do not look good.

Sasuke telling Kakashi and Sakura how it is, that they are both incapable of stopping Madara, which as sad as it is to say, is true. Given that anyone without the Bijuu, Senjutsu or Rinnegan are useless against Madara now, there isn’t much anyone else can do save Naruto and Sasuke. Sakura just revealed she is capable of performing the Byakugou no Jutsu and that amazing feat is overshadowed by the fact that she is still unable to combat Madara given her inability to sense/see his shadows. It disheartening to see, every time Sakura has shown herself has growing in both strength and resolve, the circumstances surrounding her are quickly molded into ones that snuff out the highlighting she does get. Kishimoto-sensei really should have spent some more time focusing on Sakura and at least giving her some pages of successfully threatening Madara when she activated her Byakugou no Jutsu. I am still hoping Sakura has a role to play within this battle and arc.

Naruto chapter 678 - Shino's dream

Unbelievable, Shino found Cell!

Amusing to see some of the characters “dreams”, I laughed when I read Shino discovered a new insect species, so that’s what he thinks about all day long…And Rock Lee, my goodness, I love his victory pose as Naruto and Neji lie beaten with a face full of dirt. Hinata’s dream was sweet, I really hope it becomes reality, Naruto and her becoming a couple. The most tragic dream for me was Tenten, I was hoping she would escape the Infinite Tsukiyomi, but noooo, Kishimoto-sensei just had to make her part of defeated. So much for her getting a moment to redeem her lack of importance within the story of Naruto =(. Still I wonder what happened with the Benihisago before Tenten got pulled into the Infinite Tsukiyomi?

The cliff-hanger of the chapter, my goodness, what an unbelievable twist, for Madara to get betrayed by the one he betrayed who betrayed the world. How fitting and nauseously ominous, to think Kaguya’s will was still lingering around, flipping tables wouldn’t even begin to describe the level of shock felt. This new element thrown into the mix just makes things even more chaotic. With Kaguya’s return, everyone in the world is in complete danger. Madara intended to create a “Heaven” and become the “savior” of the world but with Kaguya, the way she seems to have been twisted implies her intention of wanting to end it all and use the jutsu she created for its intended purpose. Does she really plan on having the Shinju absorb all the people’s chakra and focus it on one point? If so it would set things up nicely for Naruto with him representing Hagoromo’s ninshuu way.

Naruto chapter 678 - Madara betrayed

To think Kaguya was still active…and right in front of our eyes

Since finding out about Kaguya, I have thought of her as the tragic hero, a hero who had the intention of saving people from suffering and conflict but one who eventually got corrupted by conflict. With the Shinju fruit Kaguya was able to stop the wars and unite the people, but over time that power twisted her and she began to use the chakra within her for battle, it affected her perception of the world and ultimately she became a shell of her former self, now only concerned about ruling over others totally void of their well-being and happiness. Kaguya may have returned, but I still believe the real her isn’t the demon she is portraying herself as, the Shinju corrupted her mind and most likely her will. The real Kaguya is inside there somewhere and given that Naruto is there with the power Hagoromo bestowed upon him, I do hope Naruto will be able to save Kaguya from herself and the belief that power is everything.

Kaguya has interested me immensely, so I am equally excited as I am anxious to she what Kishimoto-sensei has planned for her. I would love to learn about the past of Kaguya and what drove her to travel to the lands the Shinju was located in and why exactly she decided to consume the fruit it borne. I also hope we get to see what circumstances led her to falling into depravity. Very much looking forward to the next chapter.

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