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Fairy Tail Chapter 385 – Celestial Blessing

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Fairy Tail chapter 385 - Aquarius's Power - colour by salim202 (http://salim202.deviantart.com)

Lucy resonating with Aquarius’s Power – colour by salim202

In a state of grief and sadness at the reality of losing one of her closest friends, Lucy, upon the realisation that there is still a role for her to play in saving the rest of nakama, pushes aside the dejecting pain and channels the power the Celestial Spirit King has bestowed upon her. Aquarius, despite having returned to the Celestial Spirit World, her power now surges inside Lucy and thanks to it, Lucy is able to materialise her resolve of wanting to save her nakama into action.

The Celestial Spirit King vs the Dark King, an inevitable conflict, but how ominous this match-up feels. This is not the first time these two have met each other on the battlefield and it seems they have a deep history between each other. Marde Guille seeks to put an end to their inevitable conflict and the Celestial Spirit King resolves to destroy Lucy’s enemies. This grand battle taking place is shaping up to be one turning point in the arc, whom of two will come out victorious? And how will their actions affect the flow of the story from here on? Will the presence of Marde Guille force the Celestial Spirit King to become more involved with Lucy in terms of her Celestial Magic after this battle?

With Lucy in a weaken state in front of a pissed Jackal, I was curious to see what would happen there, but I honestly did not expect Lucy to be granted the power of Aquarius by the Celestial Spirit King. I did not realise Celestial Magic could function in such a way but given the dominion the Celestial Spirit King holds over the Celestial World and the bonds Lucy shares with her spirits, Aquarius in particular, it was understandable that Lucy was able to resonate with Aquarius’s power. It has been a long time since Lucy shone, and this time she shone radiantly, more brilliant than ever before. She picked herself up and pushed herself forward, all for the sake of saving her nakama and because of the gratitude she feels towards Aquarius.

Being able to guard against Jackal’s explosions and channel her magic power alongside Aquarius’s power, it was unbelievable satisfying seeing her activate Urano Metria on Jackal. All that fury and determination, every single fiber in Lucy’s body was committed to saving her nakama and Jackal felt it all. It was magnificent seeing Lucy have a chance to express how capable she can be when she has something she won’t back down from.

Fairy Tail chapter 385 - Lucy's resolve 1 Fairy Tail chapter 385 - Lucy's resolve 2


With Lucy and the Celestial Spirit King going on the offensive, I very much look forward to the next chapter of Fairy Tail and seeing what the two of them will do next.

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