One Piece Chapter 748 – Taking Doflamingo’s Head

One Piece chapter 748 - taking Doflamingo's head

I don’t know whether to laugh or cheer O.o

Well I’ll be, such a chaotic and dysfunctional group of people moving together towards a common goal, Doflamingo. I don’t know if the Colosseum Fighters are truly grateful to Luffy and the Strawhats or whether they just hate Doflamingo, but either way, a real problem has arisen for Doflamingo and this time, more than one person is out to see his head roll. I am completely shocked this “alliance” can still function with so much discord and ego involved, I guess the fact that they are still in way fighting alongside each other is testament to how much of a bastard Doflamingo is.

It is quite pleasing to see Doflamingo further sink into the pit he has dug himself and that his fated defeat is an inevitable outcome. Doflamingo, despite his past and the suffering he probably has gone through, he is still wrong for having put so many others through tragedy and hell and because of that, he deserves everything that is coming towards him. Doflamingo may have been understanding and compassionate to his crew but when it comes to anyone else, he has been absolutely fiendish, killing innocent civilians and ruining a Kingdom concerned with peace and the well-being of its people.

Amusing to see Luffy meet up with his Colosseum buddies after Zoro, Law and he were blown away from Pica’s punch. Cavendish wanting to kill Law was hilarious, especially trying to get Law to drop his guard by offering to “help” Law put his hat on =P. Cavendish’s delusions he engages in does give him a level of charm, and the absolute hopeless nature of his fantasies makes you not want to dislike him.

One Piece chapter 748 - Cavendish and Law

How kind of Cavendish =P

Chinjao, Sai, Boo, Hajrudin, Elizabello & Dagama, Abdullah & Jeet, Orlumbus, Ideo, Suleiman, Blue Gilly, everyone single one of them has resolved to repay their debts, and I suppose given their passionate nature of wanting to take Doflamingo’s head, they all hate his guts. How hilarious it was to see Luffy bombarded by statements of wanting to take Doflamingo’s head when Luffy himself has resolved to kick Mango’s ass. Not even Zoro was able to get the group to direct their anger (and ego) elsewhere, they all want to kill Doflamingo. Luffy’s reaction to that and Law’s reaction to Luffy was priceless, I honestly would love to know what went on in Law’s mind during that moment, his shock/horror expression was gold.

One Piece chapter 748 - the Strawhats Alliance?

All that ego…

Despite the chaos and lack of unison inside this “alliance”, the sole reason for them directing their fury in a single common direction is thanks to Doflamingo and the Donquixote Pirates. Because they share so much hatred for Doflamingo, the lack of coordination in their teamwork is made up entirely by the resonance of their hatred. And thanks to Luffy, their fuses have been lit and the only thing that can calm them down apart from death is Doflamingo’s demise. I wonder if Doflamingo realises how much of a villain he is, did he really not expect people to fight alongside the Strawhats when they hold so much hatred towards him? Once Doflamingo’s cards starting falling within this Bird Cage plan, the rest of the people who hate him will see an opportunity to escape his imprisonment and get their vengeance – by following the Strawhats. Doflamingo is right, the people of Dressrosa will choose who their King is, but they won’t be choosing him.

Alongside the Strawhats and their allies, there is also the Revolutionary Army for Doflamingo to worry about. What exactly is Sabo doing and how does he plan to liberate the nation from Doflamingo’s rule? I am very curious to see how the actions of the Revolutionary Army this arc will affect the future of the One Piece world. Will nations dealing with Joker and illegal undertakings be brought into question by the Revolutionary Army at a later point in time? Just how far does the underworld extend? How many nations are involved are involved in the darker side of society?

I also look forward to see what Robin has planned by having the Riku Family reunite. Currently Dressrosa is fractured, but with the Riku Family there, a chance still remains to rekindle the hope in people’s hearts. The people now realise who was at fault for the incident ten years ago and how wrongly they have judged the Riku Family. With the acceptance of their mistakes, I believe the people of Dressrosa will listen to the Riku Family and possibly realise that the true enemy is Doflamingo.

With Pica meeting the force of Chinjao and King Elizabello, I look forward to seeing how the Strawhats counter-attack on Doflamingo develops in the coming chapters.

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